8x BeamZ BC50B-100N Half Coupler Slimline 100kg Black


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The package of BeamZ BC50B half coupler includes eight heavy-duty clamps, which offer a secure and dependable way to fasten lights, speakers, and other equipment to pipe and trussing fixtures. Each lighting clamp is capable of supporting up to 100 kilograms, making them ideal for most lighting, audio and stage equipment. They are therefore a popular choice for DJs, stage productions and a variety of venues.

Crafted from high-strength aluminium, these clamps are designed to be durable and rust-resistant, ensuring they can withstand outdoor use. Additionally, they feature a butterfly and nut fixing, providing a universal fit that can accommodate a wide range of equipment while keeping them firmly in place.

With their sleek and slimline design, these truss clamps are finished in black to blend in seamlessly with your trussing or rig setup, offering a discreet and professional appearance.

Whether you’re a DJ, venue owner, or stage production company, these half coupler clamps are an essential addition to your equipment. They offer a reliable and safe way to attach lights, lasers, speakers, and special effects machines to lighting rigs and trusses, ensuring a professional-looking setup that you can trust. Their heavy-duty construction, universal design, and discreet appearance make them an indispensable tool for any setup.

Package Includes

  • 8 x BeamZ BC50B-100N Half Coupler Slimline 100kg Black

Key Details

  • Package of eight heavy-duty half couplers, ideal for clamping sound and lighting equipment
  • Universal design that fastens securely to pipe and truss fixtures
  • Aluminium construction provides durability and is rust-free for outdoor usage
  • Each clamp offers maximum weight load of 100kg
  • Butterfly and nut fixing for firm fastening of equipment
  • Professional slimline and black finish, blending into setup
  • 2-year extended warranty


Clamp Finish


8x BeamZ BC50B-100N Half Coupler Slimline 100kg Black

In Stock

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