2x BeamZ BC50B-100N Half Coupler Slimline 100kg Black


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This set of two BeamZ BC50B half coupler clamps is an excellent choice for safely securing sound and lighting equipment to a pipe or trussing fixture. With each clamp able to support up to 100 kilograms, they are incredibly strong and suitable for clamping most lighting and stage equipment, making them a popular choice for DJs and venues alike.

Constructed from high-strength aluminium, these lighting clamps are designed to last and can be used outdoors without fear of rusting. They also have a universal design guaranteeing compatibility with the majority of fixtures and equipment. Each clamp features a butterfly and nut fixing, ensuring that your speakers, lights, and stage effects are fastened securely.

Not only are these truss clamps strong and durable, but they also have a sleek and discreet design, with a slimline shape and black finish. This means that they can easily blend in with the rest of your trussing or rig setup, maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

All in all, if you are a DJ, venue, or setting up a stage production, these clamps are a necessary investment. They provide an excellent way to secure lights, lasers, speakers, and special effects machines to lighting rigs and trusses, ensuring that your setup is safe, secure, and professional-looking.

Package Includes

  • 2 x BeamZ BC50B-100N Half Coupler Slimline 100kg Black

Key Details

  • Set of two heavy-duty half couplers ideal for securely fastening sound and lighting equipment
  • Designed to secure equipment securely to pipe and truss fixtures
  • Robust rust-proof aluminium construction, suitable for outdoor use
  • Maximum weight load of 100kg per clamp, more than enough for majority of equipment
  • Nut and butterfly fixing ensures equipment is securely fastened
  • Slimline design and black finish allows clamps to blend in
  • 2-year extended warranty


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Truss Lighting Clamps
2x BeamZ BC50B-100N Half Coupler Slimline 100kg Black

In Stock

Free delivery on orders over £30.00
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