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Box Truss System

Stage Concepts offer a selection of pre-packaged box truss systems for use as truss display stands, banner stands and show exhibit truss systems.

Available in two versions of our popular BeamZ truss with either a lighter duty P24 Deco -220mm square truss with its 35mm tubing, or the heavier duty P30-290mm system which is a 48mm tube.

Perfect for product launches, marketing displays, exhibition stands and lighting truss use, these box truss systems include all the fittings and fixtures required.

Frequently Asked...

What is a box truss system?

A box truss system is a pre-prepared kit, containing all the components needed for set-up. It is a four legged system, and when assembled creates a square/rectangular structure. It is made of high-quality aluminium truss, and is ideal for exhibition and display stands. We offer a hand picked selection of pre-packaged truss systems in various sizes.

What types of box truss system are there?

We provide two high-quality types of box truss system. Our BeamZ P24 Deco range is lighter duty, with 35mm tubing, and is perfect for exhibitions and small scale events. Our BeamZ P30 range is heavy duty and features a 48mm tube, making it suitable for larger weight loads and span sizes.

How are box truss systems assembled?

Our selection of box truss systems are simple to assemble, and all the required fittings and fixtures needed are supplied. The truss fits together using conical connections with a locking pin and clip system to hold the truss in place. Begin by building the top section of your truss at ground level, to create a frame. Next, the legs can be fastened to raise the system up. Once finished you can mount your required visual displays and equipment.

What size box truss system do I need?

The size box truss system you need will depend on your individual requirements. Our pre-packaged box truss systems come in a range of sizes to suit all events, with various heights, lengths and widths available. The most common size for exhibition purposes is 6x4m, with a height of 3m. Please contact our Stage Concepts team to discuss the best size system for your needs.

What weight load can a box truss system take?

The weight load a box truss system can support varies, depending on the type of system and truss used. For most lightweight applications, such as exhibition stands, where minimal loading is required, Deco truss is the ideal choice. For heavier applications, such as display screens and audio equipment, the P30 type is advised, as this has a heavier weight load. Please contact our specialist team at Stage Concept for more details on the weight load of specific systems.

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