8x10x3m Aluminium Quad Truss Box System


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8x10x3m Aluminium Quad Truss Box System


Portable aluminium quad truss system created for exhibition stands and retail display use. This sturdy square shaped trussing offers a stylish and desirable look and is the ideal structure for the hanging of lighting fixtures, display screens and promotional banners.

This large 8m x 8m box truss structure has an external height of 3m which gives 2.75m (9 feet) of internal height under the cross-sections. This allows for lighting equipment or items such as display screens to be suspended whilst still leaving a comfortable head clearance.

Designed and built for a tough working life, this quad truss system is extremely durable, breaks down quickly, and will fit easily into any suitably sized vehicle. The square shape has four main tubes with a durable, yet lightweight aluminium build, and the longest sections included are 2m.

This aluminium quad truss is lightweight and simple to handle, with bolt-together connections making it a great choice for exhibition stands. Its seamless design style gives the truss a particularly eye-catching appeal.

This cost-effective exhibition stand is a complete box truss system that includes all necessary fixings and base plates. Made of high-grade T6 aluminium with a castellated (fine grooved) design that enhances the surface area for better grip and gives the truss an attractive glossy silver appearance.

Package Includes

  • 4x ST2505 Square Truss – 500mm
  • 4x ST2510 Square Truss – 1000mm
  • 18x ST2520 Square Truss – 2000mm
  • 4x ST252L – Square Truss Junction with Leg
  • 4x ST25FB – Flat Base 400mm x 400mm x 5mm
  • Complete fixing kit including bolts, washers, nuts and conical connectors

Key Details

  • 8m x 10m box truss system that is suitable for use as an exhibition stand to hang lighting or display screens
  • Square truss with an apex-down design profile to look professional in any event
  • Lightweight and robust aluminium construction that makes the system easy to assemble
  • Professional appearance with the bolt-together design keeping each section held together securely
  • Complete fixing kit supplied to construct the system, consisting of bolts, washers, nuts and conical connectors
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