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Single Stage Decks

Modular single stage decks and stage platforms. We offer a wide range of modular heavy-duty systems. With off the shelf circular and triangular platforms, we can cater to most designs. Albeit, custom options are available for any required system size.

All our aluminium manufactured stage decks are TUV rated for durability and reliability. Being of aluminium design, even our heavy-duty stage decks are light and easily transportable. In addition, multiple platform finishes are available. For example, standard wood finish, non-slip hex and carpet designs. Custom options such as wood veneer and vinyl are available upon request.

Being modular our single stage decks can create multiple size stage systems. For example, ten 2x1m stage decks can be used to create either a 6x4m or 8x3m stage. In particular, adjustable legs provides the means to create a multitude of different stage heights. This is extremely convenient for hire companies and touring productions.

Frequently Asked...

What types of single stage deck are available?

We offer an extensive range of single stage decks and stage platforms. You can choose between a variety of sizes and shapes, including traditional square and rectangle decks and also circular and triangular platforms. Multiple platform finishes are available, including black anti-slip, wood finish, carpet designs and vinyl. You can speak to a member of our specialist team about our custom options.

What size is a single stage deck?

Our single stage decks come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all needs. Standard sizes are 1x1, and 2x1m. We also offer 1m x 0.5m and 2m x 0.5m decks. In addition to square and rectangular decks, we have circular and triangular designs. Our single stage decks can easily fit together to create any size stage and shape. Adjustable legs can be purchased to allow you to create different stage heights to suit various events.

What is the weight load of a single stage deck?

Our heavy duty single stage decks have a strong aluminium framework so can take an impressive weight. They have a load bearing capacity of 750kg/m2, which is more than adequate for most needs.

What is a single stage deck used for?

Our single stage decks are ideal for a variety of uses, for example; business conferences, theatre productions, live band performances, and fashion shows. The stage decks are versatile and can easily clamp together, so that you can make any shape or size stage. They are also light and easy to transport, making them ideal for portable use.

Can single stage decks be used outdoors?

Yes, our single stage decks are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. They have a high-quality aluminium structure that is weather resistant for temporary outdoor use. Most decks also have a water-proof anti-slip design, ensuring maximum grip even in adverse weather. However, please note that staging should not be left permanently outdoors.

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