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Installation Speakers

We have selected a range of installation speakers aimed at the various different types of installation audio requirements, from discreet yet powerful systems for auditorium and theatre applications, to the fantastic Moose Sound for music fill and distribution in venues, or our favourite brand for performance and quality Amate Audio.

Systems for retail space and architectural installation come in several forms depending on the sound reinforcement required and the visual impact that's desired, so both 'small box' wall installation speakers or the classic round in-ceiling or in-wall units are available in either active or passive standard audio line signal or 100v line setups for easy multi-zone layouts in restaurants and public spaces.

Custom designed column speaker units especially for use in halls and high roofed building such as churches to help with dispersion and combat natural room reverb, with discreet hideaway subwoofer units to help with some low end.

Several of the systems are an available custom order from the manufacturers in any RAL paint finish you require, allowing seamless integration of the audio system into any decor.

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