BeamZ P24 Fixed Goal Post Truss Gantry with Facet Corners. 3m x 4m


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BeamZ lighting truss system built from lightweight P24 aluminuim truss which is perfect for use as a truss gantry for promotional banners, sports events, exhibition stands, or for DJs for larger events such as weddings. This goal post truss system features angled facet corners a unique appearance and includes all fittings.

This professional square truss system measures 3 metres in height by 4 metres in width, and has a centre point load of up to 202kg, or quarter point load of 82kg, allowing for items such as display screens, effects lighting systems or PA loudspeakers to be mounted and supported safely across the open span. A stylish take on the standard goal post truss design, the angled facet corners give this system a unique look.

The BeamZ P24 square truss system features a 35mm tube diameter with 1.5mm wall thickness, 8mm braces, and exterior pole-to-pole dimensions of 220mm. Made from high-grade EN AW-6060 T6 aluminium, it is tested to the highest EU safety standards.

This goal post truss gantry package comes with all the required spigots, pins and spring clips, and a pair of our wide footing universal baseplates for great stability. It is an easy system to put together and take down, needing only a soft mallet for the securing pins. P24 aluminium truss is extremely lightweight and is easy to transport and store.

Images are a graphical representation of how the completed goal post truss system will look based on standard BeamZ P24 Truss components. The supplied baseplates are 99cm x 33cm so physically much larger than those in the images.

Package Includes

  • 2x BeamZ UBP99 Baseplate 99x33cm
  • 2x BeamZ P24 Coupler Set
  • 2x BeamZ P24-L050 0,5m Deco Truss
  • 1x BeamZ P24-L100 1m Deco Truss
  • 2x BeamZ P24-L150 1.5m Deco Truss
  • 4x BeamZ P24-C23 2-way 135 degree Corner

Key Details

  • Angled corner truss gantry system ideal for promotional work and events
  • P24 lightweight Deco aluminium truss for easy set up and transport
  • Easy to put together with the included pin and spigot connections
  • Supplied with extra wide 99cm x 33cm steel baseplates for stability
  • Vibrofinish aluminium for a smart and durable appearance
  • Package includes all required fittings and a set of universal fit baseplates


  • 35mm diameter truss pipe
  • 8mm braces
  • 1.5mm wall thickness
  • All fittings and fixtures included


  • Made in Europe
  • TUV certified
  • EN AW-6060 T6 aluminium


BeamZ P24 Fixed Goal Post Truss Gantry with Facet Corners. 3m x 4m

In Stock

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