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Active Speakers

Ideal for live sound rigs and performers, the active speaker has become the industry standard.

Our mid level and high performance speaker systems feature the latest Class D amplifiers and DSP equalisation, along with custom cabinet design and components.

Amate Nitid S Active Point Source
Amate Nitid Point Source Speakers

Perfect for front of house in theatres, live stage performance, bars and clubs, the speakers we offer from brands such as Amate Audio and RCF are the result of decades of development and refining. They offer incredible audio clarity and frequency response from their precision driver systems.

Not to be confused with the ‘standard’ active PA speakers on the market, the models we offer are over engineered to comfortably provide the high volume requirements of live venues and stage use.

Passive Speakers

Large audio installations are still predominantly a system of passive speakers with seperate amplifiers.

This allows the amplifier and dsp / crossover units to be placed in a single location, allowing for easy adjustment and monitoring of the entire installation, as well as heat management.

Amate 12" Point Source Speakers
Nitid Speakers in Custom Lighting Truss Rig

Using passive speakers in an install such as a club or theatre makes the best sense as they can be positioned at height without the worry of getting to them for amplifier adjustments or issues. It also makes the eq setup of a large system much simpler when it can be done from one amp rack rather than needing to reach the rear of every speaker.

PA Speakers

A high quality set of 12 or 15 inch top speakers can provide more than enough sound coverage and performance, whilst requiring very little setup and takedown time, and are easily transported.

Unless playing heavy dance music or in large sized venues it’s not necessary to use a subwoofer with many of these speakers, especially 15 inch models, making them perfect for all types of work. The latest PA speakers we offer have the finest digital amplifier modules, DSP systems, with features such as bluetooth and IP address control, anti clipping and direct microphone connections.

Depending on manufacturer they will come in either heavy duty injection moulded cabinets or wooden cabs with hard wearing resin finish that’s designed for a tough working life.

Column Array

Born out of the technology developed in high powered concert line array systems, the column array bridges the gap between portable PA and wide dispersion audio systems.

There are two distinct formats of column speaker systems. The portable style sees a small satellite mid/high speaker unit, usually pole mounted onto a compact subwoofer. This design has become extremely popular with solo musicians as they offer great room coverage even just using a single set.

For higher performance situations, the column speakers become a more focussed mid/top cabinet, with units from Amate, RCF and Moose Sound featuring multiple 6″ woofers and long throw tweeter units, and are physically a much larger speaker system. They can be suspended from truss, wall mounted, or used with subwoofers as a floorstand PA setup.

Amate G7 Installation Speakers
Installation Speaker Amate G7

Installation Speakers

High performance ceiling speakers and wall mount speakers that are purpose designed for sound distribution.

Ideal for use in school halls, social clubs and commercial premises looking for a powerful yet discreet audio system.

Installation speakers are designed to operate both on standard low impedance for small systems, or the convenient 100V line high voltage system which is perfect for long cable runs and multiple audio zones operating from a central source.

The wall speakers and ceiling speakers in the Amate range are hi fi quality units, with modern and stylish design to integrate seamlessly into any location.

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