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Aluminium Triangle Truss Systems

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Triangle Truss

Triangle truss is a triple-tube truss system. A strong yet attractive intermediate aluminium truss option. Easy to handle and transport yet strong enough to offer up to a 10m clear span. Triangle truss is a clear step up from ladder truss while being a more cost-effective solution to square truss.

Here at Stage Concepts, we have three variations of Triangle truss, SC Pro TT, Milos M290 Trio, and BeamZ P33. Our system of choice is the SC Pro TT which is manufactured here in the UK, and therefore of the highest quality. With a castellated 48mm tube and 1.6mm wall thickness, the SC pro TT will allow for a clear span of up to 10m.

Custom Triangle Truss

SC Pro TT Triangle truss straight sections are available from 0.5m to 4m lengths and can be custom made to match your requirements exactly. For example, If you require a straight length to measure exactly 3432mm, we can have it fabricated to your specifications. Custom options such as powder coating with a variety of colours and polished finishes are also available upon request.

Being manufactured in the UK allows for a quick turnaround, especially on custom projects. We can design and fabricate any size or shape of structure and generally supply within two weeks. This can be a trade show stand with made to measure dimensions to fit in the tightest of spaces, or curved stage roof systems. All we require is a general idea of your project and we can do the rest.

Truss Accessories 

SC Pro TT Triangle truss also comes with a large selection of off the shelf junctions and accessories including two, three and four-way corners. The SC Pro variable angle corners can be especially useful for creating custom systems, as well as circular truss systems that can be designed to suit any radius requirements.

Frequently Asked...

What is triangle truss?

Triangle truss is an eye-catching and functional triple tube truss system. It is the most common truss type, and is a strong intermediate option. It’s triple pole design provides increased weight loading and resistance to deflection. The additional surface area also provides multiple mounting points for equipment. It is ideal for supporting lighting fixtures, audio equipment and visual displays. We offer three brands of triangle truss; SC Pro TT, Milos M290 Trio and BeamsZ P33.

Triangle truss or triangular trussing is extremely popular for exhibition stands, stage lighting, shop displays and stage roof systems. Its stylish design is visually appealing while offering the convenience of 3 main poles for lighting and screens to be hung from. Its triangle design is available in ‘apex up’ and ‘apex down’ formats.

What is triangle truss used for?

Triangle truss provides significant weight loading and can be used to mount a large number of lighting fixtures, visual displays and audio equipment. Therefore it is the ideal choice for a range of venues, including; theatres, concert halls, clubs, fashion shows, and exhibition halls.

What is the best type of triangle truss?

Our SC Pro TT triangle truss is manufactured in the UK and offers exceptional quality. It has a castellated 48mm tube and 1.6mm thickness, allowing for a clear span of up to 10m. Additionally, this range can be custom made to suit your exact requirements. Any size or shape can be fabricated and supplied, usually within two weeks. There are also custom options available, including powder coating with a variety of colours and polished finishes.

What size is triangle truss?

Many sizes of triangle truss are available to suit all venues. Our SC Pro TT and BeamZ P33 range of triangle truss is provided in straight sections from 0.5m to 4m, and the Milos M290 Trio range goes up to 5m. In addition, the SC Pro TT range is made in the UK and can be custom designed to suit your exact needs, with any size/shape structure usually supplied within two weeks. Get in touch with our team at Stage Concepts to discuss the best size for your requirements.

How much weight can triangle truss take?

Triangular truss is seen as having an intermediate weight load. It is strong enough to support a large number of lighting fixtures, visual displays and audio equipment. Please get in touch with our specialist team at Stage Concepts, or consult the data sheets for accurate span and load information.

Is triangle truss strong?

Significantly stronger than deco truss and ladder truss due to both its aluminium specifications and the triangular shapes aversion to twisting and flex. Triangle truss is capable of supporting lighting equipment and display screens with minimal deflection up to lengths of several metres.

How do you connect triangle truss?

We offer triangle truss in two designs. The ‘standard’ format for most commercial truss is a conical spigot insert (sometimes called an egg) which fits 50/50 into the main tubes being connected. It is locked in place with a pair of steel pins. The second type is found on our custom truss and utilises a flush design truss section end that is joined using 10mm carriage bolts.

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