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Modular Tiered Choir Riser Systems, Multiple Level Choir Stage

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Choir Risers

Portable and modular choir risers, single or multi-tiered systems. Constructed using either our heavy-duty stage systems.

We have a large selection of ready-to-go choir riser systems available for purchase directly through our website. If you do not see the mobile choir riser you require we can help create a bespoke system to fit your specification exactly.

Choir Stage Platforms

Designed to suit a wide range of requirements for physical space and for choir size, these professional riser systems are ideal both for standing and seating purposes. They are built from ultra-durable extruded aluminium with anti-slip ply tops, with a weight loading of up to 750kg/m² per platform. Their frame includes anti-deflection reinforcement to ensure minimal surface bounce even under heavy foot traffic.

Modular Choir Risers

As with all of our heavy-duty stage platform packages, these tiered choir riser systems are completely modular, allowing for quick and easy alteration to the layout you require for different events or locations. The purchase of a large 8m x 4m system with 4 tiers for example, gives you the ability to remove tiers and shorten the width by simply removing platforms from the build.

Frequently Asked...

What are choral risers?

Choir risers, or choral risers, are single or multi-tiered systems that allow choir members or groups of people to all be seen equally when performing. They consist of stage decks, legs of varying lengths and handrails to keep all members safe.

What are choir tiered systems used for?

Choir riser systems are used for vocal choir performances, as they allow each member of a choir to be easily visible using single or multiple tiers. They are either modular or portable, making them suitable for a huge range of purposes.

How do I assemble a choir riser setup?

Our choir risers are extremely easy to construct. The main stage decks lock together using clamps, which are all then raised using stage legs of different sizes. All of the handrails clamp easily to the bottom outer edge of each deck, making each system incredibly quick and easy to assemble.

Which tiered choir riser system should I get?

The choir riser system that you should get will depend on how many people will be using it, how large your intended space is and the purpose you will be using it for. For example, some choir risers consist of lightweight stage decks, while others will have heavy-duty platforms which are more suitable for heavy weight loads.

How much do tiered riser systems weight?

Each component in a choir riser system is fairly lightweight, with the 2x1m decks used in most systems weighing only 32kg. The lightweight and easy-to-assemble design of these multiple level choir stage systems makes them simple to transport between venues, while their high weight loading capacities provide versatility.

What does a choir riser consist of?

Included in all-in-one choir riser systems are stage decks, legs and handrails as well as the clamps, connectors and inserts needed to secure them together. The inserts, clamps and connectors keep each deck connected together securely with no uneven surfaces to ensure maximum safety when in use.

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