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Drum Riser – Drum Stage – Multi-Use Stage Equipment

Modern fitness studios and gymnasiums use stage decks in classes to raise the instructor off the floor. Consequently making them visible to the entire room. Above all a platform that’s up to the task is need. Especially considering it’s going to be danced on, jumped on and generally bashed about during the course of a day. Touring bands with limited transport can make use of our lightweight portable drum riser systems. For example, a 2 x 2m drum stage can easily fit into a large car. Above all, taking up little room in a touring van.

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Mobile performers can use several 1m x 1m decks joined together to give them the larger area. As a result, not having to resort to buying a bigger vehicle for transport. Most importantly, still enjoying all the benefits of using a pro system

Stage platform drum riser plinth
Riser stage for fitness class

Drummers can use four 1m x 1m decks or two 2m x 1m decks joined together to function as an ultra strong and long lasting drum riser, which helps stop unwanted vibrations through direct floor contact and helps mute foot pedal noise. Ideal for use at home, in the studio or in live environments they lend themselves to the task perfectly. In addition easy leg swaps allow for height changes to suit the location and carpet finish tops for further sound muting and good surface grip.

Multi Use Stage Equipment

Due to their considerable weight load capabilities. Our standard stage decks have also found use in vehicle displays for museums, exhibitions, product launches and private homes. Moreover, the platforms can be easily encased into custom designs.

Stage deck encased with wood for motorbike display
Stage decks and truss for motorbike showroom

Unlike so many things in modern life, the stage equipment we provide is anything but throwaway, lasting for many many years of continuous use and giving a huge return on the initial investment cost.
It also benefits massively from the designs being fully compatible with other brands and platforms both old and future, so you will never have to worry about not being able to make additions to your drum riser, or an older existing system with newer systems at a later date.

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