8m x 4m Portable Stage System – 1000mm Height with Rails & Steps


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8m x 4m Portable Stage System – 1000mm Height with Rails & Steps

Large portable stage package for live music events and productions in schools, churches, halls, or for outdoor areas. This modular stage deck system features a basic clamp design for simplicity of transportation and storage, providing an 8m x 4m performance surface and including all required clamps and fittings.

The temporary stage platforms within this portable staging system are the Power Dynamics Deck750 model, with a weight of just 32kg (200x100cm) and a load capacity of 750kg/m2 per deck, making them one of the strongest and lightest stage decks in the industry. The black plywood top has a special Hexa anti-slip coating to ensure maximum grip, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

There are 64x 750RL aluminium pole leg stage risers within this modular stage system that are specifically designed for use with the Power Dynamics line of portable staging. Each of these legs have a 100cm length, allowing the platforms to be raised from the floor in a safe and sturdy manner.

As well as the stage legs, this portable stage system includes a full set of tubular steel safety handrails which clamp securely to the stage platforms.

The included MS20, MS40, MS60 and MS80 modular stair units allow for a secure connection to the platforms and easy access to the stage when constructed. These stairs feature the same Hexa anti-slip textured material as the stage decks, providing extra grip which is especially useful when used in an outdoor environment to avoid slipping.

Package Includes

  • 16x Power Dynamics Deck750 200cm x 100cm Stage Platforms
  • 64x Power Dynamics 750RL Stage Round Legs 100cm
  • 1x Power Dynamics 750MS20 Stage Modular Stairs 20cm
  • 1x Power Dynamics 750MS40 Stage Modular Stairs 40cm
  • 1x Power Dynamics 750MS60 Stage Modular Stairs 60cm
  • 1x Power Dynamics 750MS80 Stage Modular Stairs 80cm
  • 36x Power Dynamics 750SDC Stage Deck to Deck Clamps
  • 36x Power Dynamics 750SDL Stage Deck Levellers
  • 8x Power Dynamics 750HR 2m Safety Handrail
  • 10x Power Dynamics 750HRC Handrail Connectors

Key Details

  • Complete portable staging system
  • 8m x 4m surface suitable for small to medium-sized applications in outdoor or indoor environments
  • Hexa anti-slip textured material that provides extra grip for maximum safety
  • Modular stairs included with a deck connector for easy and safe access to the stage
  • Safety hand railings with all fixings included
  • All clamps and levellers are included to set the stage up and keep it sturdy on various floor surfaces
Stage Height

100cm / 1000mm

Safety Railings


Stage Size

8m x 4m

8m x 4m Portable Stage System – 1000mm Height with Rails & Steps

In Stock

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