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Ladder truss

Aluminium ladder truss is a twin-tube trussing ideal for systems where weight loading and maximum clear span are less important than appearance and storage space. Sometimes known as step truss, ladder truss is generally more cost-effective than Tri and Quad truss systems.

Here at Stage Concepts, we have two variations of Ladder truss, SC Pro SS and Milos M290 Duo. Our system of choice is the SC Pro SS which is manufactured here in the UK, and therefore of the highest quality. With a castellated 48mm tube and 1.6mm wall thickness, the SC Pro SS will allow for a clear span of up to 8m.

Custom Ladder Truss

SC Pro SS Ladder truss straight sections are available from 0.5m to 5m lengths and can be custom made to match your requirements exactly. For example, If you require a straight length to measure exactly 2465mm, we can have it fabricated to your specifications. Custom options such as powder coating with a variety of colours and a polished finish is also available upon request.

Being manufactured in the UK allows us for a quick turnaround, especially on custom projects. We can design and fabricate any size or shape of structure and generally supply within two weeks. This can be an exhibition stand with made to measure dimension to fit in the tightest of spaces, or curved stage systems with high-grade PVC roofs. All we require is a general idea of what you require and we can do the rest.

Truss Accessories

SC Pro SS Ladder truss also comes with a large selection of off the shelf junctions and accessories including two-way and three-way corners, and four-way junctions. The SC Pro variable angle corners can be especially useful for creating custom systems, as well as circular truss systems that can be designed to suit any radius requirements.

Frequently Asked...

What is truss?

Truss is a framework used to mount lighting and other equipment across a stage area. It is commonly used in stage productions, and concerts, and can be seen in a variety of venues. It can be permanently installed or transported between settings. We offer a range of types of truss to suit your requirements, including; ladder, triangle and quad systems. We also provide complete pre-packaged truss systems.

What is ladder truss?

Ladder truss is a twin-tube system, and is the simplest and cheapest form of truss. It is often used in indoor venues to support small lighting applications. Ladder truss is a cost effective system and can be used in combination with other truss types from the same manufacturer very simply. It is a bolt together solution that is ideal for installation. We offer three types of high-quality ladder truss; SC Pro SS series, BeamZ P32 and Milos M290 Duo.

Named fairly obviously for its ladder-like appearance, ladder truss features two main outer tubes with central cross-bracing design. It can also be referred to as step truss. This slimline trussing is perfect for systems that don't require the higher-weight loading capabilities of heavier truss designs. It is lightweight and easy to store.

What is ladder truss used for?

Ladder truss is versatile and can be used in a range of settings, such as theatres, concert halls, retail environments, and exhibition stands. It is intended for light duty use, and is often used to mount lighting applications and other equipment. It is flexible, strong, and perfect for creating structures when there is limited space.

How much weight can ladder truss take?

Ladder truss is the smallest of the truss systems, and it is intended for light duty uses, such as small lighting applications. For accurate span and load data on a particular system please consult the data sheets or get in touch with our specialist team at Stage Concepts.

What size is ladder truss?

There are many sizes of ladder truss available. Our SC Pro SS and BeamsZ ladder truss range is available in straight sections from 0.5m to 4m, while our Milos M290 range goes up to 5m. Our SC Pro SS range is manufactured in the UK and can be custom made to meet your precise requirements. Any custom size or shape structure can usually be provided within two weeks. Please contact our team at Stage Concepts to discuss your requirements.

How do you install ladder truss?

Installation of any truss type should be undertaken by a skilled and experienced specialist. There are many considerations, including; the selection of fittings, the total weight loading required, and the material the fitting is being fixed to and whether it is load rated. It is also important to consider safety factors. Please contact our experienced team at Stage Concepts to discuss your installation queries.

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