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Exhibition Stands

Stage Concepts have been supplying custom truss exhibition stands to the trade show industry for over 10 years. We can help guide your purchase from the design stages of a custom order to the supply of a complete ready to go truss exhibition booth package.

Unlike buying standard individual trussing pieces, the truss systems we are supplying are professionally designed exhibition stands and trade show stands, with structures that are available in various sizes as a complete package, which includes all the fittings and fixtures required.

Custom Box Truss Systems and pre-packaged exhibition stands are available from manufacture in strong powder coat finishes in all the standard RAL paint colour codes. This option gives the truss a lovely coloured gloss finish that is extremely tough and can really make an exhibition stand have that visual punch that will separate it from those around it.

The exhibition truss systems we supply have many applications, from a temporary shop stall, car shows, outdoor events or hall floors, and are perfectly suited for an easily transportable exhibition stand. The frames are dimensioned for the easy installation of ready-made curtains and drapes, banners and display screens, and for simple attachment of Lighting and Sound Equipment.

Frequently Asked...

What is a truss exhibition stand?

A truss exhibition stand is a strong aluminium framework that is popularly used at a range of shows and exhibitions. It is ideal for mounting visual displays, curtains, drapes, banners and sound and lighting equipment. It creates a professional look and helps to engage visitors at events. Our selection of truss exhibition stands are professionally designed, and are easy to install and transport.

What is the best exhibition truss stand?

To find the best exhibition truss stand, you will need to consider your specific requirements; such as ideal size and weight load. We offer a selection of high-quality pre-packaged truss exhibition stands, and have been supplying stands to the trade show industry for 10 years. We also offer custom built exhibition stands to meet your exact requirements. Please get in touch with our Stage Concepts team so they can help find the best exhibition truss for your needs.

How are exhibition stands assembled?

Our selection of truss exhibition stands are easy to assemble, and all the fittings and fixtures needed are provided. The fitting method varies depending on the brand and type. Most truss fits together using conical connections that require a locking pin and clip to hold them into place. You would tend to build the top section of your truss at ground level first, thus creating a frame. Following this, the legs can be added in sections to raise the system up. Once assembled you can easily attach your required visual displays, and sound and lighting equipment.

What size truss exhibition stand do I need?

The size truss exhibition stand you require will depend on the venue and the desired usage. Our truss exhibition stands come in various sizes to suit all venues, with different heights, lengths and widths available. Our pre-packaged stands start at a height of 2.5m and go up to a height of 4m, which is usually the maximum height approved by venues. Please contact our team to discuss the best size stand for your needs, and to learn about our custom design options which could meet your exact size requirements.

How much does a truss exhibition stand cost?

The cost of a truss exhibition stand will vary considerably, depending on the size stand required, the weight load, and the type of truss. For example, our quad truss stands have the highest weight bearing load, and are more costly than our ladder truss stands which are suitable for a light load. Please contact our helpful team at Stage Concepts who can discuss the best system for you and provide an estimated cost.

Can truss exhibition stands be used outdoors?

Yes, our truss exhibition stands are suitable for outdoor or indoor use, making them perfect for outdoor events. The stands feature a durable aluminium frame that is weather resistant for temporary outdoor use. However, they should not be left outdoors permanently.

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