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Stage Lights

Our range of professional stage lighting systems feature the latest LED technology for high power and long working life.

Stage lights come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and options, from the most basic white spotlight, colour wall wash or bar unit, to the larger automated moving head units with full DMX linking control for pre-programmed lighting fades and colour changes.

Wash lights and uplighters are popular with events companies and wedding venues. They can be supplied in both standard indoor use specification, or as weather sealed I.P. rated type for outdoor use that’s ideal for gardens and pathways.

Effect lighting units are either standard mains power, or a range of battery powered systems are available for ultimate flexibility and placement freedom.

LED Effects Lighting

Wash lighting and uplighting units have changed significantly in the last few years with the availability of high power LEDs replacing many of the traditional lamps.

The benefits of modern professional lighting are huge, as LED’s offer multi-colour output, ultra long life, and virtually no heat output.

The lack of heat production also means that enclosures can now be made using thermoplastics rather than metal, offering a huge cost saving, weight reduction, and far easier weather sealing.

LED units are bright, powerful, and incredibly energy efficient, using very little power to produce their effects. Traditional bulb style Par-can spots are their complete opposite, running very hot, blowing bulbs and burning £’s of power in the process due to their high wattage current draw.

BeamZ Professional

Purchased directly by us from the manufacturer to ensure the best pricing and stock availability, the high quality lighting systems and effects light units from the BeamZ brand offer incredible performance and value.

This vast range of lighting products includes the very latest technology in moving head and laser light systems, along with superb functionality such as wireless DMX control and rechargeable battery power on uplighting for ultimate convenience.

Perfect for installations and for live stage rigs, and a firm favourite of rental companies. The lower cost of BeamZ products allows for an impressive lighting system to be constructed on even a modest budget.

Aspirational lighting products such as high power colour lasers and moving head units are now at a price point that’s perfectly in line with the average venue refurbishment.

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