BeamZ 4m x 3m Aluminium Truss Structure Support for Video Wall


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BeamZ 4m x 3m Video Wall Support Truss Display Structure

Built from our extremely durable BeamZ P30 Square Truss which offers superior weight loading and anti-flex properties due to its 3mm pipe wall thickness.

Easy to build and takedown using industry-standard spigots and pins, these ready to use systems are the perfect support structure for modern video wall displays of varying sizes and will ensure a stable platform both indoors and outdoors. The system comes complete with all the required components. (Video display screens NOT included)

Pontoon design footings give ample surface contact and prevent unwanted tilting or leaning of the attached video displays.

  • 4m x 3m Outer Structure 
  • 2.7m Pontoon Depth
  • 3.4m Internal Width
  • 2.7m Internal Height

As a sizing example, a standard 2 x 2 (4 Panel) video wall using the popular 55″ television size gives a width of 2426mm (2,4m) X 1368mm (1.4m)

This Complete Video Wall Display Truss Package Includes:

  • 2x – 2 Way Corner
  • 2x – 3 Way Tee Junction
  • 9x – 1 Metre Straight Section
  • 1x – 2 Metre Straight Section
  • 13x – Conical Connection Kit
Weight 100 kg

BeamZ 4m x 3m Aluminium Truss Structure Support for Video Wall

In Stock

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