6m x 3m Portable Stage System – 800mm Height with Rails & Steps


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This complete portable stage set is ideal for schools, churches, halls, and outdoor events. This modular stage system is highly robust while still being easily portable for travel between events, with a 6m by 3m surface size, an 80cm height, and all clamps and accessories necessary to set it up included.

The Power Dynamics Deck750 temporary stage platforms within this portable staging system weigh 32kg (200x100cm) and have a load capacity of 750kg/m2, making them one of the industry’s strongest and lightest stage decks. For optimal grip, the black plywood surface features a distinctive “Hexa” anti-slip texture, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The 750RL stage risers are included in this modular stage kit and are specifically designed for Power Dynamics’ series of portable staging. With these 80cm long legs, the platforms can be safely and securely lifted from the floor, allowing viewers to observe all that is happening on stage.

Thanks to the accompanying deck to deck clamps and levellers, the stage decks in this system can be easily linked together with no gaps or uneven surfaces on the stage. For a professional and minimal stage appearance, the clamps are hidden at the bottom of each deck’s robust aluminium frame.

The 750MS modular stairs with deck connectors are included in this portable stage system for a secure connection to the platforms and simple access to the stage after it is assembled. Stage handrails are also supplied, featuring extra low crossbars to prevent equipment such as flightcases from sliding off the stage.

Package Includes

  • 9x Power Dynamics Deck750 200cm x 100cm Stage Platforms
  • 36x Power Dynamics 750RL Stage Round Legs 80cm
  • 1x Power Dynamics 750MS20 Stage Modular Stairs 20cm
  • 1x Power Dynamics 750MS40 Stage Modular Stairs 40cm
  • 1x Power Dynamics 750MS60 Stage Modular Stairs 60cm
  • 5x Power Dynamics Stage Handrails 2m
  • 2x Power Dynamics Stage Handrails 1m
  • 2x Power Dynamics Stage Handrail Connector Corners
  • 8x Power Dynamics Stage Handrail Connectors
  • 18x Power Dynamics 750SDC Stage Deck to Deck Clamps

Key Details

  • Complete portable stage setup for halls, churches, schools, and temporary outdoor events
  • When constructed, the surface area will be 6m x 3m, with each deck having a 750kg/m2 loading capacity
  • For greater grip and safety during events, a Hexa anti-slip coating is used on the decks and stairs
  • To keep the stage in place and avoid any uneven areas, clamps and levellers are provided
  • Modular stairs with deck connectors included for easy access to the stage when assembled
  • Handrails are provided with extra low crossbars to prevent equipment from falling off the stage
Stage Height

80cm / 800mm

Safety Railings


Stage Size

6m x 3m

6m x 3m Portable Stage System – 800mm Height with Rails & Steps

In Stock

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