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Stage Effects

If you want to add atmosphere to an event, create a particular effect on the stage or provide something a little different at a festival, concert or event. Stage effects are the answer. Stage effects are ways to alter the visual or auditory experience which viewers receive. The aim is to add credibility to the impression which the stage performers are trying to give. For example, if the scene on stage is a Dickensian street scene, what better to add a touch of gloomy foreboding than some low-lying fog? Conversely, disco effects can transform a standard hall or function room into a dynamic dance environment. Whatever ambiance you want to achieve, Our effects machines can get the job done.

Fog machines, lighting, smoke machines and more

There is equipment out there to create almost any stage effect you can think of! Probably the most popular choice is low level fog - made from non-toxic carbon dioxide, fog can be released as a continuous stream or in short, differentiated bursts. Variations of fog making equipment include smoke machines and equipment that produces smaller amounts of fog continuously, which are ideal for whole venue effects. As well as whitish grey fog, there are also coloured options. As well as fog, many special effects also incorporate specialist lighting to add to the overall spectacle. The lighting may be part of the fog-making equipment, or a number of separate units which are synchronised with the fog emissions to give a wide range of effects. Recent additions to the special effects machine range, bubble machines are capable of creating high volumes of bubbles, which add fun and excitement to anything from kids' parties through to gigs, live theatre, festivals and more.

Where can an effects machine be used?

Modern versions of special effects equipment are durable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. With many versions being highly portable, they can be transported along with band equipment to gig venues, concerts, open-air performances and private parties. Obviously stage effects can be used as part of a theatre performance, as well to enhance opera, contemporary dance, ballet or solo artistic performances. Bubble machines and lights are a great addition to parties, festivals, corporate events and product launches. No matter where or when you want to create a particular ambiance, there are now machines available to let you do it.

Who can use stage and disco effects?

Clearly essential for stage and technical crews responsible for the lighting and sound during live performances, special effects can also form a part of activities such as: parties; corporate events; conventions; exhibitions; launches; special occasions (retirement / weddings / birthday celebrations / Halloween). Versatile, durable and easy to use, stage effects can add enormous value to almost any occasion. A good investment for venues, party planners and businesses, special effects machines are also an essential in the performance industries. Fake Snow Machines are another type of effect that can be great for Christmas festivities. Get in touch to find out more about the various disco effects and effects machines available, or tell us what you want to do and we will come up with appropriate product suggestions.

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