2 x OMEGA-50 Front Load Line Array Lifts + ACG5 Adapters


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Two OMEGA-50 line array lift towers with two fork adapters, ideal for raising line array speaker systems during festivals, concerts, and conventions in both indoor and outdoor environments. With a weight loading capability of up to 200kg per tower and the flexibility to dismantle quickly for travel and storage, this lifting tower set is extremely adaptable to a range of applications.

Height extensions are separated into five sections on each line array lift, with a maximum height of 6.25m available for elevating speakers to a desired level. The winch mechanism is controlled by a geared crank handle and extends in many stages, with separate locking pins that may be withdrawn to allow height changes and then mechanically locked back into place to prevent movement.

Each lifting tower’s four extending boom legs and secure locking bolts at the base provide exceptional ground stability with no risk of tipping over. The system can be vertically oriented perfectly with a maintained ground balance thanks to a built-in water level gauge on each tower.

When utilised outside, the epoxy coating on the weatherproof carbon steel construction prevents corrosion and extends the towers’ life. The OMEGA-50 lifting towers are exceptionally easy to manoeuvre into the correct position as well as transfer between sites thanks to their non-slip rubber base wheels. Furthermore, each tower has a collapsible form that simplifies transit and storage while conserving space.

This lifting tower setup includes two line array fork adapters that attach to the forks of each lift. Each adapter has a hole in the centre for attaching a hook with your line array systems hanging from it, as well as safety pin holes on the ends of the forks on each tower to keep the brackets from sliding off.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block & Block OMEGA-50 Front Load Lifting Towers
  • 2x Block & Block ACG5 Line Array Mount Adapters

Key Details

  • Tower lift kit for line array speaker systems, with a 200kg loading capacity per tower for large systems
  • 6mm steel ropes with winch handles and automatic holding brakes for simple elevation and lowering of the towers
  • Extending legs with adjustable spindles and plates for stability on any ground surface
  • Epoxy coated frames with rubber feet for prolonged outdoor use without the towers rusting
  • Durable line array fork adapters with tightening thumbscrews and central holes for simple line array mounting
  • 2-Year extended warranty

2 x OMEGA-50 Front Load Line Array Lifts + ACG5 Adapters

In Stock

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