2 x BETA-70 Telescopic Line Array Lifts + AM3811 Type C Brackets


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Two BETA-70 line array lifts and two AM3811 adjustable C-shaped brackets are included in this bundle for mounting big speaker setups at events and concerts. Each tower has four legs with adjustable spindles and plates to help it balance on uneven surfaces, as well as rubber feet to keep it from moving around. The winch system allows you to raise the height to 6.5m, which is enough for most stages. The lifting towers include four foldable wheels and legs, making them simpler to transport between venues.

Both of the towers included in this package feature four telescopic legs for added stability. A spindle and plate at the end of each leg allows you to fine-tune the level of the legs so the line array towers can be placed evenly on non-flat surfaces. The legs also contain rubber feet, which prevent the towers from sliding or wobbling during usage, which is essential for safety when using a heavy speaker arrangement.

The height of each tower can be adjusted between 1.7 and 6.5 metres. The towers’ height can be modified by rotating the winch handle, enabling them to be set up to fit the venue or stage being used. The towers are secured in place by safety bolts, which provide a safe and dependable method of locking them in place.

The lifting towers are very portable for their large design. This is due in part to their telescopic folding legs, which can be retracted and then folded upright against the centre of the tower in a compact manner for convenient storage. The towers also contain four wheels that can be utilised to move them around the stage after they’ve been folded up, allowing for better portability.

Two C-shaped clamps with a 38mm male design are also included, which are to be installed on the top of the tower lifts. These can each hold line array systems that weigh up to 120kg. Because of their strength, they can handle big speaker systems for usage at festivals and other major events, and the clamps can be adjusted to accommodate various speaker sizes.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block And Block BETA-70 Telescopic Lifters
  • 2x Block And Block AM3811 Type C Adjustable Brackets

Key Details

  • Dual line array lifting towers to use for mounting speaker systems on stages or at other big events
  • Spindle and plate design to balance the tower on each of the four legs, with rubber feet to stop unwanted movement
  • Safety locks secure the towers at heights between 1.7m and 6.5m, with the height altered using the winch handle
  • Portability is made easier with the wheels and foldable legs, which also means they take up less storage space
  • Two C-shaped clamps fit on top of the towers for mounting line array speakers that weigh up to 120kg
  • 2 year extended warranty

2 x BETA-70 Telescopic Line Array Lifts + AM3811 Type C Brackets

In Stock

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