2 x BETA-50 Telescopic Line Array Lifts + AM3811 Type C Brackets


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Package including two line array lifts and a pair of C-shaped mounting brackets. To provide solid vertical installation, the towers incorporate a water level gauge, plate and spindle mechanisms, and rubber feet. The winch mechanism adjusts the height between 1.7m and 5.3m, making them ideal for speaker systems at big events and on stage during concerts. The telescopic support system is also collapsible, making storage and transit between events much simpler.

The two lifting towers have spindles and plates on the ends of their four legs, allowing you to adjust the balance to secure them on uneven surfaces. This, together with the rubber feet, prevents the lifts from sliding or wobbling after they’ve been installed. The built-in water level gauge on each tower allows you to see when they are perfectly placed vertically for simpler setup.

These line array towers, which reach a maximum height of 5.3 metres, are ideal for use with larger speaker systems at music venues and festivals. The winch handle for the 6mm steel rope can be used to conveniently alter the height of the towers, which can be as low as 1.7 metres if required. After the towers have been put up, they are secured with locking safety bolts for further reliability.

The retractable telescopic legs of these line array towers can be folded up for easier transit and storage. The accompanying wheels also make moving the towers much more straightforward. They also take up less room in storage or travel due to their folding design.

This kit also includes a pair of C-shaped line array clamps. These feature a 38mm male design that allows them to be placed into the top of the lifting towers. The clamps feature an adjustable design that allows you to alter their size to accommodate your line array speaker system, holding up to 120kg. Because of their capacity to handle this much weight, they can accommodate big speaker installations for usage at major events and festivals.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block And Block Beta-50 Telescopic Lifters
  • 2x Block And Block AM3811 Type C Adjustable Brackets

Key Details

  • 2x lift towers for supporting line array speaker systems at concerts or festivals, as well as other large events
  • The towers have spindles and plates along with rubber feet on each leg, which are used with the inbuilt level gauge to get the right balance
  • Adjustable height between 1.7m and 5.3m using the winch mechanism and safety locks
  • Wheels and foldable telescopic legs make for better portability and greater space-efficiency in storage
  • 2x line array brackets that attach to the top of the towers, with C-shape holding speaker setups weighing up to 120kg
  • 2 year extended warranty

2 x BETA-50 Telescopic Line Array Lifts + AM3811 Type C Brackets

In Stock

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