2 x GAMMA-50 Front Load Line Array Lifts + ACG6 Adapters


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Pair of line array lifts with adapters for mounting speaker systems. The towers include five extendable segments that add up to a maximum height of 6.2 metres, making them suited for usage on-stage and at big events. Each tower’s four telescopic legs include spindles and steel plates with rubber feet to provide a solid setup on uneven surfaces, and a built-in water level gauge makes exact vertical installation simple. The two line array adapters, which are used to install speaker systems, are firmly attachable to the forks at the top of the towers using safety pins.

These Gamma-50 lifting towers offer a height range of 1.9 metres to 6.2 metres, which provides enough variability to make this system excellent for a wide range of events and performances. Five extending sections, each kept in place with clamps to guarantee safety while usage on stages and at other events, modify the height.

The legs on the towers, which feature spindles and plates on the end to precisely alter the angle of the legs for ideal balance even on uneven surfaces, providing a safe and secure mounting. Using the built-in water level gauge, you can monitor the perfect balance. Rubber feet are installed on the towers’ legs to prevent them from wobbling or sliding.

The line array lifts’ legs are telescopic, which means they can be extended during setup and then retracted when the system is being taken down. When the towers are not in use, this foldable construction results in a compact design that saves room during storage. The towers also feature wheels, making them easier to move throughout venues and during transport.

This package also includes two line array adapters in addition to the lifting towers. These attach onto the forks at the top of the towers and are kept in place by safety pins, allowing line array speaker systems to be mounted. These adapters have a bar that runs between the fork and a mounting hole in the centre, where the line array speakers’ hooks are hung for a solid installation.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block And Block Gamma-50 Front Load Lifting Towers
  • 2x Block And Block ACG6 Adapters For Line Array Systems

Key Details

  • Two Gamma-50 lifting towers with adapters for attaching line array speaker setups for use on stages and at events
  • Five extendable sections make up the tower, with safety clamps to hold them in place at each height up to 6.2m
  • Rubber feet, spindles and plates featured on each leg, working in combination with the inbuilt level guage for a secure and stable setup
  • Telescopic legs can be retracted and folded for easy storage, also helping transportation along with the wheels
  • Adapters for installing a line array speaker system on the forks at the top of each of the tower lifts
  • 2 year extended warranty

2 x GAMMA-50 Front Load Line Array Lifts + ACG6 Adapters

In Stock

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