BeamZ Professional Pandora 1600 Laser Light Projector

  • Powerful RGB DJ laser system
  • TTL RGB colour modulation
  • 25K optical scanners for tight light beams
  • 12 or 23-channel DMX operation
  • Sound-activated with adjustable sensitivity


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BeamZ Professional’s Pandora 1600 is a top-of-the-line laser light effect system designed for professional stage applications and clubs. The unit utilizes modern technology to produce a bright and impressive display of light that can enhance any event. The RGB colour mixing capability of the laser stage lighting unit enables it to produce a total of 7 colours. With auto modes and full DMX or ILDA control, its ideal for mobile work and for installation.

TTL RGB colour modulation is used in this laser club light to achieve the 7 different colours. The brightness of each laser module (red, green and blue) cannot be adjusted, but they can be turned on and off. The red, green, and blue laser components mix their light together to create colours like yellow, cyan and violet.

The 25K optical scanning system built into this DJ laser light ensures that the light beams are tight and focused, resulting in the most impressive effect. The laser unit’s beams become visible through the air for a 3D effect when used in a room with fine mist or smoke hanging in the air. The unit is capable of hugely impressive pattern and shape creation with ILDA control allowing for animations.

The Pandora 1600 is DMX compatible and can be operated in either 12 or 23 channels. By using the appropriate DMX equipment with this unit, users can fine-tune the settings such as auto shows, patterns, rotation, colour, rolling, movement, zoom, display, and size to meet their specific event requirements.

In addition to DMX control, the Pandora 1600 can also be used in a plug-and-play manner with built-in preset auto shows or in sound-to-light reactivity mode. The microphone built into the unit’s housing detects soundwaves in the room and causes the light display to move and change colour in time with the music.

In summary, BeamZ Professional’s Pandora 1600 laser light projector is a powerful and versatile lighting unit that can elevate any event. Its advanced technology and numerous control options make it an ideal choice for professional stage applications and clubs.

  • Powerful RGB stage laser light with a mounting bracket for small and large applications
  • TTL RGB colour modulation to achieve a total of 7 different colours
  • 25K optical scanning system that ensures the light beams are tight and focused for an impressive effect
  • DMX compatible with 12 or 23-channel operation in order to fine-tune various settings to your requirements
  • Sound-to-light mode with adjustable sensitivity for the laser to react in-time with music


  • Red (300mW) Green (200mW) and Blue (800mW) Powerful laser
  • Guaranteed 1.3W output
  • TTL RGB colour modulation
  • 25K high speed optical scanner system
  • X- and Y-Size inverter
  • DMX and Stand-alone mode
  • 12 or 23 DMX channels
  • Master/slave function
  • Sound activated with adjustable sensitivity
  • Auto mode
  • Pre programmed shows
  • DMX in/output via 3-pin XLR
  • Control panel with LED display


  • DMX channels: 12 23
  • DMX connector: 3-pin XLR
  • ILDA Connector: DB25
  • Laser Red: 300mW @ 635nm
  • Laser Green: 200mW @ 532nm
  • Laser Blue: 800mW @ 447nm
  • Scanner system: 25kpps @ 8 degree
  • Guaranteed output (99mW): 1300mW
  • Maximum output (99mW): 1600mW
  • Power consumption: 80W
  • Power supply: 100-240VAC 50Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 243 x 295 x 128mm
  • Weight: 5.1000
  • MPN: 152.518
Weight 5.1 kg

BeamZ Professional

BeamZ Professional Pandora 1600 Laser Lights Projector
BeamZ Professional Pandora 1600 Laser Light Projector

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