PD KICKBOARD50 Stage Skirt Profile with Raised Edge – 47cm


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The aluminum skirting profile fixing strip with kick-toe boards are compatible with Deck750, Spiderdeck, and Deck750PL with assembly inserts. This component acts both as a protective barrier and a means to enhance the stage’s aesthetic appeal.

The kick-toe boards secure rolling materials on the stage, preventing them from falling off during performances. Additionally, these strips facilitate the attachment of stage skirts to the portable stage decks, making it easy to achieve a polished and professional look for various events.

These skirting profile strips are pre-finished with hook-and-loop and ensure a secure and reliable fit, even during high-energy performances. Weighing in at just 0.8kg and measuring 470 x 57 x 14mm, they are lightweight and easy to handle. The inclusion of mounting material simplifies installation, allowing users to effortlessly create kick rails on their stage decks.

Key Details

  • Kick rails which connect to stage decks
  • Made from silver aluminium
  • Pre-finished hook and loop fastener
  • 2x stge rail connection points
  • 470mm x 57mm x 14mm
  • Compatible with Deck750, Deck750PL and Spiderdeck
  • Stops things falling off the stage during performances


  • Aluminium plate with t-slot rail fixings
  • Pre-fitted hook and loop for stage skirting
  • Natural silver finish to compliment stage deck frames


  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Size: 470 x 57 x 14mm
Accessory Type

Edge Profiles

PD KICKBOARD50 Stage Skirt Profile with Raised Edge – 47cm

In Stock

Free delivery on orders over £30.00
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