BeamZ Pro FC1940 Lighting Flight Case for 2x MHL1940 Moving Heads


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Protect your BeamZ MHL1940 moving heads with this robust Lighting Flightcase, specifically constructed for the safekeeping and transportation of your lighting equipment. Its solid build defends against shocks, bumps, and the challenges of touring, ensuring that your moving heads maintain top condition for every performance.

Custom-designed to accommodate two BeamZ MHL1940 units, this flight case offers a tight and secure fit, drastically reducing internal movement and the resulting potential damage during travel. Each moving head rests in its own tailored compartment with solid foam, providing assurance that your equipment is safeguarded throughout its journey.

The case features heavy-duty butterfly latches that firmly secure your moving heads, while the reinforced aluminium profiles fortify the case’s edges, offering additional protection against the strains of travel.

Equipped with reinforced ball corners and recessed handles, the case’s design facilitates not just longevity but also ease of handling. These ergonomic handles make lifting and transporting your lighting equipment more comfortable and manageable.

Designed with mobility in mind, this Lighting Flightcase includes four durable wheels that glide smoothly, ensuring straightforward transportation. The cleverly designed stackable lid significantly aids in space-saving during transport and storage, making this case an indispensable asset for your BeamZ MHL1940 moving heads.

Key Details

  • Robust flight case that protects your moving head lights during transportation and storage
  • Specifically designed for two BeamZ MHL1940 moving heads, with two solid foam interior compartments
  • Aluminium profiles surrounding the case with butterfly locks, providing extra protection
  • Recessed carry handles and reinforced ball corners to easily lift the case while keeping it protected
  • Stackable lid design and four built-in wheels allows for simple movement and maximum space efficiency


  • Sturdy flightcase
  • Designed to fit 2 pieces of MHL1940 moving heads
  • 2 Separated compartments inside
  • Butterfly locks and aluminium profiles all around
  • Ball corners and recessed handles
  • Provided with tailor-made solid foam on the inside


  • Brand: BeamZ Pro
  • Product colour: Black
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 833 x 470 x 580mm
  • Weight: 32.5kg

BeamZ Professional

BeamZ Pro FC1940 Lighting Flight Case for 2x MHL1940 Moving Heads

In Stock

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