PD GIGCase4 Universal Pick Foam Hard Case – 270 x 246 x 124mm


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Introducing the PD GIGCase4 Universal Hard Case, a flexible storage option designed for those who prioritise the safekeeping and security of their equipment. With dimensions of 270 x 246 x 124mm, it perfectly caters to the needs of musicians, photographers, DJs, and stage lighting professionals, serving as a robust and mobile solution for storing their equipment. The GIGCase4, equipped with a multipurpose design, customizable foam interior, sturdy build, and a convenient carrying handle, positions itself as an exemplary protective equipment case.

The PD GIGCase4 flaunts a design capable of fitting a vast array of items. The spacious interior, coupled with its flexible design, makes it a perfect choice for storing a variety of equipment like microphones, lighting effects, performance pads, and cameras. As a Universal Hard Case equipped with foam, the GIGCase4 stands as a sensible and secure answer to your equipment storage and transport necessities.

One of the defining traits of the GIGCase4 is its customizable foam interior. This flexible foam can be shaped to snugly secure your equipment, ensuring top-tier protection. Being a Pick Foam Case, the GIGCase4 commits to keeping your items firmly in place, minimising motion and potential harm during transport. Furthermore, the foam is capable of absorbing shock and impact, providing additional reassurance when moving delicate gear.

The GIGCase4 distinguishes itself with its resilience. The tough external shell is engineered to endure harsh treatment and the rigours of constant travel. Inside, the pick foam creates a cushioned, secure space for your equipment, promising its safety and preservation from damage. Given its rugged build, the GIGCase4 stands as a dependable Storage Case with Foam, designed for protecting your priceless items.

Despite the robust build, the GIGCase4 remains lightweight and avoids adding undue weight to your equipment. The sturdy, user-friendly handle ensures easy transportation, making trips to performances, photoshoots, or events straightforward. With a weather-resistant design and a seal that prevents water intrusion, this case is fit for use under any circumstances.

Key Details

  • Protective hard-shelled universal case that is ideal for musicians, DJs, photographers, and event organisers
  • Layered pick foam interior to cut custom shapes for a perfect fit with a variety of equipment
  • Weatherproof and shock-proof casing keeps your stored equipment safe in any conditions
  • Comfortable built-in carry handle with a lightweight design to keep the case simple to move
  • Stackable design for space-effective storage when utilising multiple cases

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PD GIGCase4 Universal Pick Foam Hard Case – 270 x 246 x 124mm

In Stock

Free delivery on orders over £30.00
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