PD GIGCase70R Heavy Duty Pick Foam Hard Case – 517 x 430 x 150mm


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Introducing the PD GIGCase70R Heavy Duty Hard Case, a rugged and reliable solution designed to protect your valuable equipment in any situation. This heavy-duty case with pick foam offers a customisable interior that can be tailored to securely hold and cushion your gear.With its durable construction, it provides excellent protection against impacts, moisture, and dust, ensuring your gear remains intact and ready for action.

The PD GIGCase70R Heavy Duty Pick Foam Hard Case is a must-have for anyone in need of a reliable and secure storage solution. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including professional use, outdoor activities, and travel. The case’s robust design ensures that your gear remains protected even in the harshest conditions. With its foam-lined interior and reinforced corners, it offers maximum shock absorption and impact resistance, safeguarding your equipment from accidental drops and collisions.

In addition to its exceptional protective features, this case is also incredibly convenient to use. Its spacious outer dimensions of 517 x 430 x 150mm provide ample storage space for your equipment, while the ergonomic handle and sturdy latches ensure easy carrying and secure closure. The pick foam interior allows for quick and hassle-free customization, letting you adapt the heavy duty case with pick foam to fit your gear perfectly.

When it comes to protecting your valuable equipment, this storage case with foam is in a league of its own. Constructed with high-quality materials, it offers exceptional durability and ruggedness, making it ideal for use in demanding environments. The customisable pick foam interior allows you to create individual compartments that precisely fit your kit, providing a snug and secure fit.

With the PD GIGCase70R Heavy Duty Hard Case, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable equipment is protected at all times. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, this protective equipment case offers the ultimate combination of durability, versatility, and convenience. Don’t let your gear be vulnerable to damage. Invest in the PD GIGCase70R Heavy Duty Pick Foam Hard Case and keep your equipment safe and secure no matter where you go.

Key Details

  • Case with a hard shell design
  • Strong, simple-to-open latches
  • Simple personalisation using diced pluck out foam
  • Weatherproof seal, shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Stackable for convenient storing
  • Rubber-covered ergonomic handle
  • Keyholes to attach to your cable lock (not supplied) for additional security
  • Easy-to-open pressure release valve
  • Shock-resistant with a multi-layer foam system


  • Product colour: Black
  • Dimensions: Top Height: 45mm
  • Dimensions: Bottom Height: 75mm
  • Dimensions: Internal: 470 x 350 x 120mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 517 x 430 x 150mm
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Weight: 4.35

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PD GIGCase70R Heavy Duty Pick Foam Hard Case – 517 x 430 x 150mm

In Stock

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