PD GIGCase2 Universal Pick Foam Hard Case – 240 x 198 x 109mm


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Introducing the PD GIGCase2 Universal Hard Case, an adaptable case for those in need of dependable and mobile storage for their tools and equipment. Sized at 240 x 198 x 109mm, it caters well to musicians, photographers, technology enthusiasts, and professionals who require a trustworthy, portable safekeeping solution for their devices. Equipped with a modifiable foam interior, resilient build, and a comfortable handle, the GIGCase2 stands as an excellent protective equipment case.

The GIGCase2, in its essence, is an all-in-one storage solution with a design that fits a myriad of items. It offers ample space and flexible storage options for diverse equipment types, ranging from mics and cameras to tech gadgets and small controllers. This Universal Hard Case provides a pragmatic approach for ensuring your devices are safeguarded and transport-ready.

A key highlight of the GIGCase2 is its customizable foam interior, which can be shaped precisely to cradle your equipment, thus offering another level of protection. As a Pick Foam Case, it secures your items by limiting their motion and potential harm during transport. Additionally, the foam acts as a shock absorber, further easing worries about the transportation of delicate devices.

When it comes to toughness, the PD GIGCase2 is second to none. Its sturdy external shell is capable of enduring harsh conditions and the demands of regular travel. Inside, the pick foam acts as a soft yet rigid padding for your equipment, ensuring they remain safe and intact. This storage case with foam is also equipped with a weatherproof build and a seal to keep out water and dust, making it fit for use in any setting.

Built with portability in mind, the PD GIGCase2 is lightweight and doesn’t contribute unnecessary weight to your load. The secure, easy-to-hold handle enables seamless transportation. Regardless of whether you’re headed to a performance, a photo session, or an event venue, the GIGCase2 guarantees your equipment reaches its destination securely and with a touch of sophistication.

Key Details

  • Hard-shelled universal case that is ideal for DJs, musicians, photographers, and event organisers
  • Layered pick foam interior allows for custom storage shapes to perfectly hold your equipment
  • Weatherproof housing and seal with a shock-proof design, making the case suitable for all environments
  • Comfortable built-in carry handle with easy-open latches for simple movement and quick access
  • Stackable design for efficient storage of multiple equipment cases without compromising space

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PD GIGCase2 Universal Pick Foam Hard Case – 240 x 198 x 109mm

In Stock

Free delivery on orders over £30.00
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