PD GIGCase6 Universal Pick Foam Hard Case – 340 x 295 x 150mm


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The PD GIGCase6 Universal Hard Case is a reliable option for secure storage and mobility of your gear. Sized at 340 x 295 x 150mm, it’s an ideal fit for musicians, photographers, DJs who need a robust, transportable storage solution. With a universal layout, adaptable foam lining, solid construction, and an easy-to-carry handle, the GIGCase6 raises the bar for protective equipment cases, securing your precious possessions.

The PD GIGCase6 exemplifies a universal design, allowing it to house a variety of items. The expansive interior and the case’s adaptable nature cater to different types of equipment such as DJ mixers, effect lights, microphones, and cameras. As a universal hard case, the GIGCase6 is a practical, safe resolution to your storage and mobility requirements.

An essential attribute of the GIGCase6 is its pick foam interior. The flexible foam can be modified to encase your equipment precisely, ensuring enhanced protection during transport. Being a pick foam case, it guarantees your items remain stable, reducing the risk of motion and potential damage. The foam’s ability to absorb shocks adds another layer of safeguarding for your fragile gear.

Resilience is a dominant feature of the PD GIGCase6. The sturdy outer shell is designed to resist wear and tear from frequent transport and rough treatment. On the inside, the pick foam forms a safe, cushioned space, keeping your gear protected and intact. Its strong structure makes the GIGCase6 a trustworthy storage case with foam for your valuable equipment.

Lastly, the PD GIGCase6 is designed for effortless portability. Its lightweight nature doesn’t add extra bulk to your equipment, and the user-friendly handle promotes easy transportation. Be it a gig, a photo session, or a social event, the GIGCase6 assures your equipment gets there safely and conveniently.

Key Details

  • Hard-shelled universal case that is ideal for musicians, DJs, photographers, and event planners
  • Pick foam interior to create custom storage slots to perfectly fit a variety of devices and equipment
  • Weatherproof and shock-resistant casing to protect your equipment during transportation
  • Integrated carry handle and a lightweight design allows the case to be easily moved around venues
  • Stackable design for simple, efficient storage of multiple protective storage cases

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PD GIGCase6 Universal Pick Foam Hard Case – 340 x 295 x 150mm

In Stock

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