BeamZ Pro Starcolor200 Beam Shape Filter – 40°


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This shape filter by BeamZ is designed to easily attach to StarColor 200 and 205 floodlights. Once in place, it extends the beam of light to 40 degrees. As a result, the floodlight is capable of illuminating a larger area, perfect for spacious venues and uplighting external buildings.

Attaching the filter to the Star-Color 200/205 units is simple, as it magnetically fastens. This means you can quickly and easily attach and remove it from the light’s frame whenever necessary.

Constructed from acrylic material, this filter is robust and built to last. Additionally, it has a strong metal frame finished in black, to blend in when attached to the Star-Color 200/205.

In summary, if you own a BeamZ Star-Color 200/205, this shape filter is an ideal accessory. It provides a simple yet highly effective way to expand the floodlight’s beam, elevating the effect of your uplighting.

Key Details

  • Shape filter designed for StarColor 200/205 floodlights
  • Extends angle of beam to 40 degrees to expand coverage
  • Magnetically fastens to frame of the light unit for quick and easy attachment
  • Features metal frame and acrylic material for long-lasting performance
  • Perfect for uplighting large spaces and building exteriors
  • 2-year extended warranty



    • For use with the StarColor 200/205
    • Attachment by magnet
    • 40 degree beam angle
    • Product colour: Black
    • Material: acrylic
    • Weight: 1.00kg

    BeamZ Professional

    BeamZ Pro Starcolor200 Beam Shape Filter – 40°

    In Stock

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