BeamZ Professional Starcolor540 Shape Filter 60° x 10°


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Introducing the BeamZ shape filter, designed specifically for use with the StarColor 540 wall wash effect light. This filter fits easily on the LED section of the wall washer, expanding the beam output from 21 degrees to a wide 60 degrees. Therefore, you can illuminate large areas with ease, making this filter an excellent choice for uplighting building exteriors and venues.

Thanks to its magnetic design, this filter effortlessly attaches to the frame of the Star-Color 540 wall washer. Simply clip it on when needed, and easily remove it again when not necessary.

Crafted from robust acrylic material, this filter is highly durable and more resilient than glass. Its sturdy metal frame, featuring a black finish, perfectly complements the Star-Color 540.

In summary, this shape frame is an indispensable lighting accessory for your Star-Color 540 wall washer. With its ability to widen the beam angle to cover a greater area, this filter is an ideal solution for architectural lighting applications across various settings, including restaurants, bars, and tourist locations.

Key Details

  • Professional filter for Star-Color 540 Wall Wash Light
  • Widens angle of beam to 60 degrees, enabling coverage of a larger surface area
  • Fastens quickly and easily to the wall washer with a magnet
  • Constructed with acrylic and features a strong metal frame, ensuring a hard-wearing performance
  • Designed specifically to fasten to the BeamZ Star-Color 540 Wash Light
  • 2-year extended warranty

BeamZ Professional

BeamZ Professional Starcolor540 Shape Filter 60° x 10°

In Stock

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