BeamZ Pro Starcolor72 Beam Shape Filter – 40°


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This BeamZ professional shape filter is specifically designed for use with the StarColor 72 floodlight. Once secured in place, it extends the light’s beam angle from 29 to 40 degrees. As a result, the flood light can uplight a larger area, perfect for illuminating the architectural features of buildings and event venues.

The filter has a magnetic design, making it easy to attach to the Star-Color 70 unit. It attaches simply to the frame of the light and can be swiftly removed when no longer required.

Crafted from durable acrylic, this filter is designed for durability. Furthermore, it has a robust black metal frame that perfectly complements the Star-Color 70.

In summary, this shape filter is an essential addition to the BeamZ Star-Color 70. It provides a simple and efficient way to expand the beam angle of the floodlight, improving the atmosphere of any environment.

Key Details

  • Professional shape filter for BeamZ StarColor 72 flood light
  • Extends beam angle to 40 degrees, covering a greater surface area
  • Simple attachment by magnet for quick and easy setup
  • Constructed from acrylic with robust metal frame
  • Perfect for uplighting buildings and large venues
  • Designed to perfectly fasten to the BeamZ Star-Color 72
  • 2-year extended warranty



    • For use with the StarColor 72
    • Attachment by magnet
    • 40 degree beam angle
    • Product colour: Black
    • Material: acrylic
    • Weight: 1.00kg

    BeamZ Professional

    BeamZ Pro Starcolor72 Beam Shape Filter – 40°

    In Stock

    Free delivery on orders over £30.00
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