2 x SIGMA-50 Telescopic Truss Lift + AM3502 Truss Support Adapters


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Two SIGMA-50 telescopic lifting towers and two truss support clamps are used in this truss lift tower system. Each of the truss lifts in this setup is incredibly straightforward to use and construct, allowing for short set-up periods and easy transportation between locations.

The four extending legs on each of the SIGMA-50 truss lifting towers in this system can be folded against the main frame for easy transport and storage. Each leg has an adjustable spindle and plate with rubber feet on the end, allowing each tower to be mounted on any surface without wobbling.

Each lifting tower has a maximum height of 5 metres, and all heights feature safety bolts, enabling you to lock it in place after the desired height has been reached. The extending towers’ locking construction, as well as the multiple height options, makes them easily adaptable to a variety of locations and events with differing requirements.

These truss lifts’ thick 4mm steel rope is extremely robust, allowing substantial weights to be attached while being easily adjustable using the rotating winch handles to obtain a range of heights. Each lifting tower is protected from corrosion by an epoxy coating that allows it to be left outside for long periods of time without rusting.

These lifting towers come with two fixed truss supports with male poles that fit snugly into the hole on the top of each tower. The U-shaped clamps on each support can hold truss segments in place once they’ve been installed, and a safety locking pin prevents the truss from moving once it’s been elevated.

Package Includes

  • 2x Block & Block SIGMA-50 Telescopic Lifting Towers
  • 2x Block & Block AM3502 Fixed Truss Supports

Key Details

  • Tower lift system for truss segments, ideal for indoor or outdoor music events to raise lighting
  • Adjustable spindles and plates on each extending leg to keep the towers from wobbling on uneven surfaces
  • Locks on each height, with a 5m maximum level to suit the requirements of various events
  • 4mm steel ropes and rotating winch handles to easily raise each tower with high weight loads
  • Fixed truss supports with U-shaped clamps to securely hold sections of truss in place
  • 2-Year extended warranty

2 x SIGMA-50 Telescopic Truss Lift + AM3502 Truss Support Adapters

In Stock

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