Spider D750 Stage Risers 1x1m – Black 40cm


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The PD Spider D750 Deck Riser Legs offer an innovative stage riser solution with a user-friendly click function. This feature ensures quick and secure assembly, making it an ideal choice for events where time and ease of setup are crucial. The click mechanism provides a stable and reliable platform, essential for performances, presentations, and various stage setups. As a portable stage riser, the PD Spider D750 is designed to accommodate a range of events, from concerts to conferences.

One of the standout features of the PD Spider D750 is its foldable design, which significantly enhances its portability and convenience. When not in use, the riser legs can be easily collapsed for compact storage, saving valuable space. This design also makes transportation effortless, an important factor for travelling performers, event organisers, and rental companies. As a folding stage platform, it offers practicality and efficiency in both setup and teardown.

Constructed from lightweight materials, the PD Spider D750 is easy to handle and maneuver, yet does not compromise on durability. The sleek black coating adds to its professional appearance. This combination of lightness and strength makes the riser suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor events, while its aesthetic seamlessly blends with different stage setups.

With a maximum height of 40cm and a size of 1m x 1m, the PD Spider D750 is versatile enough to fit into a wide range of spaces and venues. This height is ideal for creating an elevated stage area that is noticeable yet not overly imposing. It’s perfect for adding prominence to a performer or speaker while maintaining an intimate connection with the audience. This feature makes it a practical choice for schools, churches, small theatres, and other venues.

The PD Spider D750 Deck Riser Legs are robust and can support a maximum weight of 500kg/m² per piece. This high weight capacity ensures it can accommodate a variety of setups, including heavy equipment, instruments, and multiple performers. This strength and stability are essential for a collapsible stage platform, providing peace of mind that the stage will remain secure and stable under various load conditions.

Key Details

  • Portable stage riser with a click function, ensuring reliable and safe operation in high-energy environments
  • Foldable design for simple storage and transport, perfect for rental companies, touring bands, and event organisers
  • Lightweight material with a sleek black coating that maintains and professional and low-profile appearance
  • 40cm max height ideal for a variety of spaces, with the 1m x 1m size being designed for standard PD decks
  • 500kg/m² max weight load per piece, suitable for holding a large quantity of heavy equipment
Stage Size

1m x 1m

Stage Height

40cm / 400mm

Spider D750 Stage Risers 1x1m – Black 40cm

In Stock

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