PD PDY Professional PA System – Dual 15″ Subs, 12″ & 15″ Tops


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This professional passive PA speaker system from Power Dynamics is crafted to deliver powerful and clear sound for large venues and events. Perfect for concerts, nightclubs, and other settings where high-quality audio is essential, this comprehensive system combines robust components and versatile features to ensure reliable performance and exceptional sound clarity.

The passive PA system comprises dual 15-inch subwoofers, four 12-inch passive PA speakers, and four 10-inch passive PA speakers. The dual 15-inch subwoofers provide deep, resonant bass, enhancing the overall audio experience by adding depth to the sound. The 12-inch and 10-inch top speakers deliver clear mid and high frequencies, ensuring a well-balanced audio output that covers the entire frequency spectrum. This combination of subwoofers and top speakers creates a powerful and dynamic sound suitable for any large-scale event.

Powering the system are three rack-mountable amplifiers, each equipped with anti-clip limiters to ensure clean and undistorted sound. These amplifiers include one PDA-B2500 and two PDA-B1500 models, providing ample power to drive the speakers at high volumes. The anti-clip limiters protect the speakers from damage by preventing audio clipping, ensuring consistent sound quality even at peak levels. These amplifiers are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the sound in this professional PA system.

Each amplifier features an adjustable crossover network and high/low-pass filters. These features allow users to fine-tune the audio output for optimal performance, ensuring that each frequency range is properly managed and balanced. The adjustable crossover networks and filters enhance the flexibility of the system, making it easy to adapt to different acoustic environments and audio requirements. This level of control ensures that the passive PA speakers deliver the best possible sound in any setting.

The Power Dynamics professional PA system supports 6.3mm Jack and 3-pin XLR audio inputs, providing versatile connectivity options. These inputs allow for easy integration with a wide range of audio equipment, ensuring compatibility with various sources and devices. The flexible connectivity options make setup straightforward and seamless, allowing users to quickly connect their audio sources and get the system up and running. This passive PA system is an excellent choice for any venue requiring high-quality, powerful sound reinforcement.

***Please note that cables are not included in this package and need to be purchased separately.***

Package Includes

  • 2x Power Dynamics PDY2215S 2×15-Inch Passive PA Subwoofers
  • 4x Power Dynamics PDY212 12-Inch Passive PA Speakers
  • 4x Power Dynamics PDY210 10-Inch Passive PA Speakers
  • 1x Power Dynamics PDA-B2500 Professional PA Amplifier
  • 2x Power Dynamics PDA-B1500 Professional PA Amplifiers

Key Details

  • Pro passive PA speaker system that is designed for concerts, nightclubs, and small festivals
  • 12-inch and 10-inch tops with dual 15-inch subwoofers, providing a wide frequency response
  • Three 2U rack-mountable amplifiers with anti-clip limiters to prevent distortion at high volume levels
  • Adjustable high/low-pass filters and crossover networks for efficient sound reproduction
  • Balanced 3-pin XLR and 6.3mm Jack audio inputs to connect audio sources like mixing desks

PD PDY Professional PA System – Dual 15″ Subs, 12″ & 15″ Tops

In Stock

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