Amate N46P 4×6” Two-Way Passive Speaker, Full-Range, 600W


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The Amate N46P column array passive PA speaker is a versatile and high-end audio solution, perfect for medium and large settings, as well as entertainment venues. With an impressive output of 600W and a two-way system, this speaker is capable of producing a full-range output and providing long coverage. Its durable design and accurately designed components make it a reliable investment for any professional audio setup.

Featuring a two-way design and passive crossover, this passive speaker boasts four 6-inch neodymium woofers for mid-low frequencies, and a 1.75-inch compression driver for high frequencies. This combination delivers an optimal audio performance with a full frequency response, while protecting the high-frequency driver. Additionally, the asymmetrical horn provides long coverage, making it an ideal choice for large settings.

Since it is a passive speaker, it requires connection to a suitable amplifier to receive power. The speaker also features a 35mm diameter pole mount socket mounted on the bottom side, making it easy to mount on a standard tripod. Moreover, M8 rigging points are included for easy flying.

Constructed with multilayer birch plywood housing and high resistant black Polyurea® coating, this speaker provides maximum protection and guarantees long-lasting durability. The speaker’s 1.5mm black mesh speaker grille is designed to optimize performance and give it an attractive appearance. Additionally, an ergonomic handle is provided for easy handling.

In summary, the Amate N46P passive PA speaker is a versatile and high-quality speaker designed to deliver optimal audio performance and durability. Its two-way system, 600W output, and long coverage make it perfect as a main PA speaker in large settings. With its robust build and attractive design, this speaker is an excellent investment for any professional audio setup.

Key Details

  • Column array passive PA speaker, ideal for entertainment venues and auditoriums
  • Powerful 600W output, suitable for medium and large settings
  • Two-way full-range response with four 6-inch woofers and a 1.75-inch compression driver
  • Robust plywood housing and high-resistant Polyurea® coating
  • Asymmetrical horn provides long sound coverage
  • 35mm pole socket for mounting purposes, e.g. on a standard tripod
  • 2-year extended warranty

Amate Audio

Speaker Type

Passive (Non-Powered)

Amate N46P 4×6” Two-Way Passive Speaker, Full-Range, 600W

In Stock

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