Amate TPD Triphonic 2.1 Amplifier with DSP 2000W RMS


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The Amate TPD Triphonic power amplifier is a high-quality and easy to use PA system amplifier with three output channels. It provides superior signal quality and is equipped with a range of useful features, including digital signal processing. As a result, it is ideal for powering speaker systems in a variety of settings, including clubs, bars and halls.

Designed to cater to small and medium-sized applications, this PA amplifier offers three different powered outputs. Two standard stereo outputs are available for full-range satellite speakers, and there is also a mono subwoofer output. As a result, this amplifier is capable of powering a complete sound system, providing a combined 2000W output.

A key selling point of this amplifier is its advanced digital signal processing capability, which provides complete control over the sound output. This includes filters, parametric EQ, limiters, and an up to 2-second delay to align different channels, for a synchronised output. For convenience, there are inbuilt presents for most common applications.

Thanks to its 3rd generation Class D amplification technology, this amp can handle power efficiently, resulting in high volume levels. Additionally, it comes equipped with a universal switched-mode power supply that makes it compatible with any mains condition ranging from 85 to 240 V AC. Furthermore, there is an EcoMode, which causes the amp to go into standby mode when no audio signals are detected to conserve energy. The amplifier instantly powers up again when there is sound to reproduce.

Overall, this power amplifier is an ideal choice for anyone seeking an efficient, high-quality performance. It is also user-friendly and offers a range of useful features. With its exceptional performance, this amplifier is guaranteed to elevate your sound system to the next level.

Key Details

  • Powerful 2000W PA amplifier ideal for driving speaker systems in small and medium settings
  • Features three loudspeaker outputs; for left and right speaker, and subwoofer
  • Digital signal processing to optimise sound control, with inbuilt presets for common configurations
  • Includes EcoMode to reduce energy consumption when not in use
  • Two balanced XLR inputs provided to connect additional equipment
  • 2-Year extended warranty

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Amate TPD Triphonic 2.1 Amplifier with DSP 2000W RMS

In Stock

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