Amate N15PR 15” Two-Way Passive Speaker, Full-Range, 800W


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The Amate N15PR passive PA speaker is perfect for use as a main PA speaker or stage monitor. It has an impressive 800W output, and a two-way system, producing a full-range output and long coverage. This is a high-end versatile speaker, with a durable design and accurately designed components.

This passive speaker has a two-way design and passive crossover, featuring a 15-inch woofer for mid-low frequencies and a 1.4-inch driver with a 1.75-inch PM4 diaphragm for high frequencies. This provides an optimal audio performance, with a full frequency response, and also ensures the high-frequency driver is protected. In addition, the 60º x 50º constant directivity horn provides long coverage, ideal for large settings.

The passive design of this speaker means it will require a connection to a suitable amplifier to receive power. For versatility, it can be positioned vertically or horizontally, making it suitable as a stage monitor if needed. It also features a 35mm diameter pole mount socket mounted on the bottom side, for easy mounting on a standard tripod.

A multilayer birch plywood housing with high resistant black Polyurea® coating and protective rubber profiles provides maximum protection and guarantees this speaker is built to last. The speaker also has an attractive appearance with a black acoustic mesh speaker grille that is designed to optimise performance. Ergonomic handles are additionally provided for easy handling.

In summary, the Amate N15PR passive PA speaker is a high-quality and versatile speaker, designed for optimal audio performance and durability. Its two-way system, 800W output, and long coverage make it an ideal choice for use as a main PA speaker or stage monitor in large settings. With its attractive design and robust build, this speaker is a reliable investment for any professional audio setup.

Key Details

  • Powerful 800W passive speaker, suitable for use as PA speaker and stage monitor
  • Two-way passive crossover with 15-inch woofer and 1.4-inch high-frequency driver
  • Long coverage provided by 60º x 50º constant directivity horn
  • Durable housing and high resistant Polyurea coating, guaranteeing reliability and strength
  • 35mm pole mount socket for simple mounting on standard tripods
  • 2-year extended warranty

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Passive (Non-Powered)

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Amate N15PR 15” Two-Way Passive Speaker, Full-Range, 800W

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