Amate XA211 2×10” Active Line Array, Bi-Amplified, 3000W


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The newest version of Amate Audio’s XCELLENCE active line array speaker module, the XA211 line array speaker improves on existing dual 10-inch line array system with the 3rd generation of Class D bi-amplification and 64-bit DSP processing, with onboard touchscreen and remote setup using Dante audio networking or the Amate DSPStudio software.

The XA211 active module is a cutting-edge acoustic design, built from the highest quality materials, with precision engineered components that allow it provide a staggering level of performance and audiophile levels of detail and frequency coverage from its dual 10-inch neodymium woofers and triple 1.75-inch polyester neodymium tweeters, operating through a 120 degree x 7 degree waveguide.

Hugely capable, this active line array speaker is powered by Amate Audio’s 3000W Class D bi-amplification unit with 2500W for the low frequency woofers and 500W for the high frequency tweeter system. This is controlled via the DSP which takes care of EQ, crossover points, and signal clipping, while also ensuring the units high-efficiency SMPS power supply is protected from thermal damage and voltage spikes.

The XA211 line array speaker uses a 3.5-inch colour touchscreen interface of its DSP system, with advanced FIR phase response filters, EQ presets, and Dante Ethernet audio networking that allow the line array system to be set up and tuned as part of a complete audio installation. Amate’s DSPStudio software allows for intuitive parameter settings and status monitoring from tablets or laptops. Ideal for theatres, churches, auditoriums and live stage environments.

These high-performance line array speaker modules offer immense sound coverage that makes them an ideal choice for modern venues, stage shows, arenas, and live touring. The heavy-duty baltic birch ply cabinets are finished with an extremely durable ‘Polyurea’ resin coating, a built-in rigging system, and feature a 1.5mm punched steel grille with grey micro-foam cloth backing.

Key Details

  • Amate XCELLENCE XA211 active line array speaker system
  • Dual 10-inch neodymium woofer with 2.5-inch voice coils
  • 3x 1.75-inch polyester diaphragm neodymium high-frequency drivers
  • 2500W (Low frequency) 500W (High frequency) Class D bi-amplification
  • Intelligent overvoltage and thermal protection via DSP
  • Advanced FIR phase response filters
  • 64-bit DSP with presets and full manual parameter adjustment
  • Dante networking and Amate DSPStudio system setup
  • 3.5-inch colour display with access to EQ’s, delay, limiters, gain control and network features

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Amate XA211 2×10” Active Line Array, Bi-Amplified, 3000W

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