Amate FR-208R Ground Stack Frame For N208 over S218W/P and S18W/P


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Introducing the hard-wearing Amate FR-208R Ground Stack Frame, the perfect solution for securely stacking Amate N208 Line Array Modules on top of S218W, S218WP, S18W or S18WP Subwoofers. Designed with large setups in mind, this frame is ideal for concerts, live music, and other events where sound projection is key.

This stack frame allows you to quickly and easily fasten an N208 line array module on top of a suitable subwoofer while giving you the flexibility to adjust the angle to your preference. You can choose from 6 degrees upwards to 6 degrees downwards, enabling you to maximise the sound projection of your setup.

Crafted with safety and security in mind, the frame’s design ensures your equipment is fastened safely and securely. The frame attaches to the subwoofer with an M10 thread. The first N208 cabinet can then be fastened, and additional cabinets can then be stacked upon the first cabinet. Please note, we recommend stacking no more than four N208 units.

The Amate FR-208R Ground Stack Frame is a reliable and secure way to create a stacked line array system. Its user-friendly design, adjustable angle and sturdy build enable you to effortlessly stack line array modules, creating an immersive and powerful sound experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Key Details

  • Robust Amate ground stack frame, designed for professional line array systems
  • Securely fasten N208 line array modules onto S218W, S218WP, S18W and S18WP Subwoofers
  • Fastens safely to subwoofer with M10 thread
  • Variable angle; from 6 degrees upwards to 6 degrees downwards to suit any setup
  • Hard-wearing metal build for long-lasting use

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Amate FR-208R Ground Stack Frame For N208 over S218W/P and S18W/P

In Stock

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