Amate STAX Ground Stack Frame For XA211 over XW118


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The Amate STAX Ground Stack Frame is designed to fasten Amate XA211 Line Array Modules on top of the Amate XW118 18-inch Subwoofer. As a result, your line array modules can be safely and securely fastened together, ideal for large setups.

This stack frame is designed to quickly and easily fasten a XA211 line array module on top of the XW118 subwoofer. This module is fastened at an ideal angle, enabling you to then stack additional modules, perfect for large setups. By stacking the line array modules at a height, their sound projection will be maximised.

A safe and secure fastening is provided for your equipment, and the frame is designed to fasten to the speaker module’s mounting points, and to the socket on top of the subwoofer.

The STAX Ground Stack Frame by Amate is an ideal accessory that allows you to effortlessly stack your line array modules. Its intuitive construction enables a quick and simple set-up and guarantees a secure connection.

Key Details

  • Amate ground stack frame for line array setups
  • Designed to fasten XA211 line array modules on XW118 subwoofer
  • Safe and secure fastening
  • Built to last with durable metal construction

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Amate STAX Ground Stack Frame For XA211 over XW118

In Stock

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