Amate TA-X12CL Touring Bumper for Flying XA112


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Introducing the Amate TA-X12CL Touring Bumper, a safe and efficient way to fly Amate XA112 cluster array modules. This touring bumper enables you to fly multiple cabinets at an optimal height for sound dispersal, making it an ideal choice for large setups, live music events, and outdoor festivals.

It is simple to use this touring bumper, and you can effortlessly fasten XA112 cluster array modules. Multiple modules can be easily added, increasing the power and sound dispersion to provide an exceptional auditory experience.

This bumper provides a secure fastening solution, attaching firmly to the module’s mounting points, ensuring your equipment is held in place. Extra modules can then be added as needed. The bumper will then hook securely to a truss system or metal beam, raising the sound system to a height.

The Amate TA-X12CL Touring Bumper is the perfect addition to any system, and is perfect for concerts, live music events and festivals. It provides a simple set-up and ensures your array modules will be held securely in place, allowing you to focus on delivering a high-quality sound experience.

Key Details

  • Touring bumper to fly array system, perfect for live music events and festivals
  • Designed to securely fasten Amate XA112 cluster array modules
  • Multiple cabinets can be safely attached
  • High-strength steel construction

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Amate TA-X12CL Touring Bumper for Flying XA112

In Stock

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