Amate N208 2×8” Two-Way Active Line Array, 1500W


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This Amate N208 active line array system provides a powerful output of 1500W and is ideal for live events. It features a bi-amplified design and a two-way system, with two 8-inch neodymium woofers and two 1.75-inch compression drivers. As a result, it delivers a full-range output and high-quality sound reproduction. It is ideal for vertical stacking for large setups and is capable of powering an Amate N208P passive line array module (not included).

This line array speaker features an inbuilt Class D amplifier with a bi-amplified design, with a 1000W amplifier for low-mid range frequencies, and a 500W amplifier for high range frequencies. This means an external amplifier is not needed, for a rapid and easy setup. It also means this line array system can power a passive Amate N208P module, and a speakon output is provided to easily connect the two. In addition, there is an XLR balanced input to connect an audio source, such as a mixer, and an XLR parallel output to connect modules.

Internal digital signal processing controls enable you to make adjustments to settings, including; crossovers, 5-band Equaliser controls, delay, limiter, gain control and mute. Multiple presets are available to suit different setups, allowing you to get started quickly. There is an easy-to-use LCD on-screen display to monitor the system, and a touch panel to perform basic operations.

Furthermore, an eco mode is available to limit power consumption. This means the system will go into low-power mode after 1 minute if it cannot detect an input signal. This condition will be visible on the LCD display. The system will then wake up and continue playing

when the audio signal is present again.

Overall, the Amate N208 active line array system is a powerful and versatile solution for live events. With a bi-amplified design and full-range output, it delivers high-quality sound reproduction. While, its inbuilt Class D amplifiers and internal digital signal processing controls make for a rapid and easy setup, and the eco mode helps limit power consumption. It is perfect for stacking at large events, and great for use in combination with a passive Amate N208P.

Key Details

  • Active line array speaker module, ideal for live events
  • Cabinet features two 8-inch woofers and two 1.75-inch compression drivers
  • 1500W bi-amplified system, with 1000W amplifier for low-mid frequencies and a 500W amplifier for high frequencies
  • Internal DSP with useful presets to suit a variety of setups
  • Eco-mode available to limit power consumption
  • 2-year extended warranty

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Amate N208 2×8” Two-Way Active Line Array, 1500W

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