Amate TA-X212 Touring Bumper for Flying X212AFD


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Introducing the Amate TA-X212 Touring Bumper, the perfect solution for safe and efficient flying of Amate X212AFD line array modules. It allows multiple units to mounted at a height for optimal sound distribution, making it a popular accessory for live music events, outdoor festivals and a variety of other events.

It is simple to attach an X212AFD line array module to this touring bumper, and multiple units can be fastened, increasing the power and sound dispersion. The bumper can load six cabinets with a 10:1 safety ratio and twelve cabinets with a 5:1 safety ratio.

With this bumper, you can rest assured that your equipment is firmly held in place, thanks to its secure fastening mechanism that attaches to the module’s mounting points. Additional modules can then be added as needed, and the bumper can hook securely to a truss system or metal beam, raising the speakers to an ideal height.

The Amate TA-X212 Touring Bumper is a popular accessory and a perfect addition to a line array sound system. It ensures that your array modules will be securely held in place, so they can deliver a high-quality sound experience for your audience.

Key Details

  • Touring bumper for flying line array modules, ideal for events and festivals
  • Designed to secure Amate X212AFD line array cabinets
  • Secure and safe fastening mechanism
  • Supports multiple cabinets, perfect for large setups
  • Robust steel build for long-lasting performance

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Amate TA-X212 Touring Bumper for Flying X212AFD

In Stock

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