Studiomaster V10 Waterproof Passive Line Array Subwoofer – 2×15″


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Passive line array subwoofer speaker module from Studiomaster that’s designed to be integrated into a V10 professional line array system. This high-performance dual 15-inch speaker unit is designed for both flown arrays (suspended), and for ground-stack setups that are ideal for sound reinforcement in large indoor venues, and outdoors for festivals and concerts.

The hugely impressive V10 compact line array system in its full form comprises V10 2x 10-inch mid/top units, and this V10S 2x 15-inch low-frequency enclosure to form your array. This can be further enhanced if you wish by the V10SA 1x 18-inch active subwoofer units to complete the system. The Studiomaster V10 line array systems are weatherproof and feature a very high SPL, with a peak level in excess of 138dB.

This V10SA passive subwoofer module offers superb performance from its two 15-inch woofers, producing an immense 139dB SPL, with a sensitivity of 101dB and huge 4-inch voice coils making them extremely efficient. The woofers are arranged in a vented horn design twin baffle enclosure, helping them achieve a frequency response of 35Hz – 500Hz, providing a powerful deep bass to enhance the low mids of the V10 modules in your array.

The V10 line array system utilises Studiomaster’s highest performance components, to ensure both longevity and the capability to provide the continuous output levels required for a sound system of this type. Each module features titanium and neodymium driver technology, with an 18mm birch plywood cabinet which is finished in a hard-wearing water-based resin treatment for a long-lasting weatherproof finish. They also include an intuitive suspension mount system.

This V10S line array subwoofer speaker unit offers fantastic low-end sound production and power handling, and as part of a full Studiomaster V10 line array system will provide an immense level of performance that makes it an informed choice for live events, festivals and for use as a church sound system for the larger modern venues that require the level of sound projection that a standard PA simply can’t provide.

Key Details

  • V10S passive line array subwoofer module
  • High excursion 15-inch woofers with 4-inch voice coils
  • Vented horn dual baffle cabinet design
  • Built-in adjustable rigging mounts with angle adjustment
  • Protected NL4 input and looped output connections
  • 18mm birch plywood construction
  • Max SPL of 139dB
  • Waterproof black textured resin finish


  • 2x 15-inch LF drivers using vented horn design to improve efficiency
  • Large 4-inch voice coils to deliver consistent high-power
  • Durable finish
  • Adjustable suspension system and convenient scoop handles


  • Max SPL: 139dB
  • PEAK: 5600W
  • PGM: 2800W
  • RMS: 1400W
  • Weight: 79kg
  • Cabinet type: passive line array woofer
  • Frequency response: 35Hz – 500Hz (-10dB) / 40Hz – 400Hz (+/-3dB)
  • Sensitivity 1wat1m: 101dB
  • LF Driver: 2 x 15-inch / 100mm VC
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Crossover frequency: 200Hz
  • Dimensions (wxhxd): 810 x 560 x 820mm
  • MPN: V10S


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Studiomaster V10 Waterproof Passive Line Array Subwoofer – 2×15″

In Stock

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