Amate FR-X212 Ground Stack Frame For X212AFD over XW218


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The Amate FR-X212 Ground Stack Frame is an innovative solution that provides a secure and reliable way to stack Amate X212AFD Line Array Modules on top of the XW218 2×18-inch Subwoofer. This stack frame is perfect for large setups, making it ideal for concerts, live music, and other events.

With this stack frame, you can easily and quickly fasten an X212AFD line array module on top of the subwoofer, and you can choose the desired angle to suit your setup. You can then stack additional modules on top, maximising the sound projection of the entire setup.

The design of the frame ensures that your equipment is safely and securely fastened. The frame locks to the subwoofer with the included M10 locking screw, and you can then fasten the first X212AF cabinet using the X212AF ball lock pins. Additional cabinets can then be fastened upon the first X212AF cabinet. Please note, we recommend you do not stack more than three X212AF units.

The Amate FR-X212 Ground Stack Frame is an essential accessory that can help you achieve outstanding audio performance. With its user-friendly design, you can easily stack your line array modules to create a powerful and immersive sound experience.

Key Details

  • Durable Amate ground stack frame, ideal for professional line array setups
  • Securely fasten X212AFD line array modules onto an XW218 subwoofer
  • Safe and reliable fastening with M10 locking screw
  • Adjustable angle to suit your preferences
  • Robust metal build for long-lasting performance

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Amate FR-X212 Ground Stack Frame For X212AFD over XW218

In Stock

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