Amate S12W 12” Active Subwoofer, 1000W


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Amate Audio Nitid S12W high performance active subwoofer thats been design to work in conjunction with any of the S series top speakers.This 1000W PA subwoofer is powered with the 3rd generation Class D amplifiers featuring 64-bit DSP control. Offering a response level down to 38Hz, with a continuous 126dB SPL, the S12W is ideal for both mobile work and for installation.

With uprated performance and enhanced styling, this new version of the already hugely capable Nitid S12W active subwoofer includes increased low end response from a newly designed 12-inch driver with 3-inch voice coil, coupled with improved band-pass tuned cabinet architecture that retains the same ultra-compact form factor. A new 1.5mm powder coated, black mesh speaker grille with acoustically optimum perforation gradient, complements the enclosures improved aesthetics.

Now in it’s 3rd generation, Amate Audio’s 1000W Class D power amplifier uses a highly efficient SMPS switching power supply along with PFC factor correction to ensure the very best performance from even the worst AC supply. With inputs and supply voltage being monitored and adjusted by the DSP, the system is protected from overvoltage, signal damage, and thermal damage.

The 64-bit DSP on this Nitid PA subwoofer features a 3.5-inch TFT colour touchscreen with simple GUI operation and default system presets including one that perfectly phase aligns the subwoofer with any of the Amate S-series active two-way speaker systems. The subs top hat pole fitting allows for easy mounting of a Nitid top speaker for a cohesive PA system with massive power handling and unrivalled audio quality.

The Nitid S12W powered PA subwoofers are multilayer birch ply construction, finished with a tough Polyurea resin coating and built-in ergonomic carry handles. They can be used with or without their grilles depending on personal preference. The enclosures feature strong feet and recessed top surfaces to allow stacking.

Key Details

  • Amate Audio 12 inch high power active subwoofer speaker system
  • Precision driver with 126dB SPL continuous
  • 38HZ to 130Hz with FiR phase correction
  • 1000W Class D amplification with SMPS power supply and PFC factor correction
  • 64-bit DSP with 3.5-inch colour touchscreen and GUI control
  • Onboard selectable EQ, input and output monitoring, thermal protection and overvoltage protection
  • Band-pass tuned enclosure design with optimised gradient speaker grilles
  • Factory presets include cardioid settings and S series top speaker phase alignment
  • Heavy-duty birch ply construction with Polyurea coating for extreme durability

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Amate S12W 12” Active Subwoofer, 1000W

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