Amate S218W 2×18” Active Subwoofer, 2500W


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If you are looking for a subwoofer that can handle high-demanding applications, the Amate S218W active subwoofer might be just what you need. With its powerful integrated 2500W Class D amplifier and built-in DSP, this subwoofer is designed to deliver a high-quality, reliable performance. It is therefore ideal for large and medium-sized venues, such as live music venues and clubs.

This PA subwoofer provides a high-powered bass response, featuring two 18-inch woofers with a 4-inch long excursion voice coil in a highly reinforced bass-reflex tuned enclosure. With a frequency range of 30Hz-130Hz and an omnidirectional output, this unit is highly effective at reproducing low-end frequencies in any setting. The woofers are powered by an inbuilt 2500W amplifier, which maximises power delivery while minimising energy consumption.

Built-in digital signal processing (DSP) controls allow you to easily adjust settings to suit your preferences and optimise the output. The settings are easy to navigate with a built-in touch-screen display, and include delay, limiter, volume, and parametric EQs. There are also presets for common applications, making set-up quick and simple. Furthermore, there is an automatic EcoMode to limit power consumption when no signal is present.

In addition, this subwoofer has a hard-wearing design that is built to last. The speaker housing is constructed from multilayer birch plywood and features high-resistant Polyurea® paint. While a 2mm black mesh speaker grille provides a sleek appearance and maximises the audio performance. Furthermore, there are ergonomic handles and two inbuilt wheels for easy handling and transport.

In summary, the Amate S218W active subwoofer is a high-powered and robust addition to any audio setup. With its high-quality integrated amplifier, internal DSP, durable design, and omnidirectional output, it is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a powerful active PA subwoofer.

Key Details

  • High-powered active subwoofer, ideal for medium-large settings and high-demanding applications
  • Includes two 18-inch woofers with 4-inch excursion voice coil in a reinforced cabinet
  • Inbuilt 3rd generation Class D 2500W amplifier which maximises power delivery
  • Internal DSP with easy to navigate controls and useful presets
  • Hard-wearing design with multilayer birch housing and resistant coating
  • Portable design, with inbuilt wheels and ergonomic handles
  • Automatic EcoMode limits power consumption
  • 2-year extended warranty

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Amate S218W 2×18” Active Subwoofer, 2500W

In Stock

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