Power Dynamics PDY218S 18″ Passive PA Subwoofer – 1000W


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The Power Dynamics PDY218S is a powerful passive PA subwoofer that is ideal for enhancing your venue’s audio system. It features an 18-inch driver and has a maximum output of 1000W, delivering a powerful bass performance. This makes it an excellent selection for many settings, such as pubs, bars, and event venues.

Designed for professional applications in sizable venues, this PA subwoofer delivers an impressive 1000W maximum output. Its built-in 18-inch driver with a 3-inch voice coil reproduces low frequencies effortlessly, with a frequency response range of 30Hz to 180Hz. As it is a passive sub, an external amplifier will needed to provide power.

A filter switch is included on this passive subwoofer, offering the flexibility to choose between passive and passive bi-amp modes, catering to different setups. However, it is important to note that the subwoofer does not have an internal crossover system, so we recommend using an external crossover management system.

Built to last, this PA subwoofer features a tough, extra-hard coating, making it ideal for regular use, even in demanding environments. The setup process is also straightforward, with an NL2 input and output for easy connection to an amplifier and speaker. Additionally, it includes a mounting point for a speaker pole, enabling the secure attachment of a top speaker.

Overall, the Power Dynamics PDY218S passive PA subwoofer is an ideal solution for enhancing the overall sound of professional audio systems. With its high-powered 1000W maximum output and 18-inch driver, it delivers a high-quality bass output, while its hard-wearing build ensures it is suitable for a range of professional locations.

Key Details

  • Professional passive subwoofer, perfect for entertainment settings, including bars, clubs and event venues
  • Max output power 1000W producing a deep bass response
  • 18-inch diameter woofer and 3-inch voice coil
  • 30Hz-180Hz frequency response
  • Switchable passive or passive bi-amplified mode for versatile use
  • Hard-wearing design with resilient speaker housing
  • Pole mount on top of sub to attach speaker pole and top speaker
  • 2-year extended warranty



    • Product colour: Black
    • Speaker type: Passive (non-amplified)
    • Supplied features: Speaker pole mount
    • Input connections: NL-4
    • Output connections: NL-4
    • Output power: Max: 1000W
    • Output power: RMS: 500W
    • Diameter woofer: 18″
    • Voice coil: 3″
    • Magnet type: Ferrite
    • Magnet weight: 90 oz
    • Frequency response: 30Hz – 180Hz
    • Impedance: 8 Ohm
    • SPL max: 128dB
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 645 x 515 x 620mm
    • Weight: 34.30kg

    Power Dynamics

    Speaker Type

    Passive (Non-Powered)

    Power Dynamics PDY218S 18″ Passive PA Subwoofer – 1000W

    In Stock

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