Power Dynamics PDY2215S 2×15″ Passive PA Subwoofer – 1800W


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If you’re in search of a high-quality passive PA subwoofer for your establishment, the Power Dynamics PDY2215S is a great option. It features a pair of 15-inch woofers, delivering a formidable sound experience with a maximum power output of 1800W. This passive sub delivers a clear and powerful sound and is built to last, making it perfect for a variety of settings including bars, nightclubs, and a range of event spaces.

This PA subwoofer is designed for professional use and features twin 15-inch bass drivers that deliver a clear, and distortion-free output, with a frequency range of 35Hz to 200Hz. Additionally, its powerful 1800W maximum output is suitable for spacious locations. However, please note that this unit requires an external amplifier for operation due to its passive design.

Equipped with a versatile filter switch, this passive subwoofer allows for both passive and bi-amplified passive configurations, catering to different setup preferences. Although, be aware that the subwoofer does not have an in-built crossover network, so an external crossover is recommended.

In addition, this subwoofer is built to withstand heavy usage, featuring a sturdy construction with an extra durable speaker coating. It is also straightforward to set up, including an NL4 input and output to easily connect an amplifier and speaker. Furthermore, the subwoofer is equipped with a speaker pole mount, allowing a top speaker to be placed on a speaker pole directly above the subwoofer.

In summary, the Power Dynamics PDY2215S passive PA subwoofer is an ideal choice if you are looking for a high-powered bass output. With its dual 15-inch drivers and a max power of 1800W, it delivers an impressive performance. Furthermore, its robust construction means it is perfect for a wide range of entertainment venues.

Key Details

  • Professional 1800W passive subwoofer, great for installation in entertainment settings such as bars, clubs and event halls
  • Equipped with two 15-inch drivers with a low-frequency response of 35Hz – 200Hz
  • Powerful maximum output of 1800W, ideal for sizeable settings
  • Switchable passive and passive bi-amplified modes to suit different setups
  • Robust construction with extra hard coating, ensuring long-lasting performance
  • Mount on top of sub enables a speaker pole to be connected to add a top speaker
  • 2-year extended warranty

Power Dynamics

Speaker Type

Passive (Non-Powered)

Power Dynamics PDY2215S 2×15″ Passive PA Subwoofer – 1800W

In Stock

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